LPA Lighting Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high reliability LED lighting and electronic systems for rail and infrastructure markets. 

LPA offers cost effective and energy efficient lighting solutions to improve reliability, reduce maintenance and life cycle costs for rail, light rail and transportation applications across the world.

The LPA rail compliant product range includes T8 and T5 LED tubes, LED smart lighting, LED modules, LED luminaires, door status, reading lights, and USB chargers.

LPA Lighting Systems products are used on LRVs, metro, suburban, regional and high-speed trains.

For the last 35 years LPA have developed a strong reputation for product innovation, high reliability and performance in the rail industry.

LPA are IRIS and ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified and part of the LPA Group Plc.

Tel number: +44 1924 224100

Email Address: enquiries@lpa-light.com 

Website: www.lpa-group.com 

LPA Connection Systems

LPA Connection Systems design and manufacture flexible product solutions for complex electrical inter-connection for rail rolling stock applications.

These include inter-car jumpers for rail rolling stock equipment, and fire-resistant connection assemblies for infrastructure electrical systems.

LPA is the leading authority on rolling stock ethernet systems and offers 10Gbit/s ready ethernet backbones.

LPA are ISO 9001 certified and part of the LPA Group Plc.

Tel number: +44 1799 512800

Email Address: enquiries@lpa-connect.com 

Website: www.lpa-group.com 


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