Jinxi Axle Company Limited


Jinxi Rail Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. is located at the west bank of Fen River and is a subsidiary of JINXI AXLE CO.,LTD. Jinxi has produced railway wagons and accessories since 1979, so far it has more than thirty years of history. JINXI have the manufacturing capacity 4,000 railway rolling stock of open-top wagon, hopper wagon, flat wagon, tank car and covered wagon, and have exported self-designed railway wagons.
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JINXI AXLE CO.,LTD. a public company mainly engaged in the manufacture of railway transport equipment. JJINX has the total assets of RMB 3.6 billion yuan covering an area of over 700,000 square meter. employs more than 1900 personnel, among them 350 are technical staff. JINXI has wholly-owned subsidiaries including Jinxi Rail Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., Jinxi Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. JINXI manufacture railway axle starts from 1978, and manufacture metro axle from 1994, became a listed company at 2002 in China. JINXI currently have the annual production capacity of 100,000 high-quality railway axles, 4,000 railway rolling stock, 30,000 wheelsets, 7,500 carsets bolster & side-frame. and 35,000t castings of different types. Among them axles produced by JINXI have been widely applied in railway freight wagons, passenger coach, metro, light rail, locomotive, EMU, and motor shaft home and abroad, and have been sold in more than 20 countries and regions.

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