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hyperTunnel is a deep tech scale-up that is developing a revolutionary methodology for tunnels and underground schemes, designed to be substantially faster, safer, more economical and environmentally friendly than current techniques. hyperTunnel’s goal is to dramatically reduce the cost of underground structures, allowing global demand for increased, yet more sustainable transportation solutions, to be met.

hyperTunnel uses a unique combination of proven technologies from diverse industries – including digital twins, robotics, 3D printing and digital underground surveying, supported by AI and VR – to redefine what is possible in tunnel construction, enlargement, monitoring and repair. The digital revolution using AI, Machine Learning or robotics has advanced other industries but in underground construction, techniques haven’t changed. Building underground must become quicker, affordable and sustainable.  

Founded in 2018, hyperTunnel employs 40 people located at its Basingstoke (UK) headquarters hyperTunnel’s patented methodologies and its range of products and technologies, many of which have patents pending, are available via licence, leasing, consultancy and project support.

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