Grupo Flexicel



The Industrial Division of Grupo Flexicel, we are dedicated to innovative industrial foam, rubber, fabrics derived and self - adhesive conversion. The products are supplied in different formats for different applications, they always suit specific requests of our clients.

Thanks to the use of advanced technology we can carry out the wide range of automated processes developed for different materials and provide the industrial market with the efficient solutions for each project set out. 


Following the philosophy of being present in all industrial sectors and to be at the forefront to current demand, we present, together with our partners, a set of thermal, acoustic like Whisper from multinational American company SEALED AIR and watertighness materials. They will facilitate the engineering, builders and components auxiliaries for the new railway vehicle design. In this way, they will be more comfortable, lightweight, safe an environmentally friendly.

Security is the highest priority in the railway sector, that is why the importance of insulating materials and especially its fire behavior. 

For this important event, we also introduce new materials suitable for solving vibrations problems using products from KRAIBURG – Vibrafoam and vibradyn.

FLEXICEL, as official distributor for the well knowed brand DIRAK – closures and latches system – we will introduce the new products


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