GraphenicaLab is an innovative start-up with a proprietary method for printed electronics with nanomaterials born in Barcelona by the end of 2016. The patented technology (patent already granted in Europe and under review in other countries such as USA, Japan …) allows a rapid prototyping arrays of printed electronics (cables, antennae, wereables) sensors (chemical, physical and biosensors) besides than supercapacitors and energy harvesters. In order to produce this type of devices, GraphenicaLab uses eco-friendly, water-based inks with graphene, other nanoparticles or other 2D nanomaterials, biomolecules as well as different combinations of the previously mentioned nanomaterials. Moreover, by carefully selecting the substrate used, the end product can be either rigid or flexible (polymers, paper, textile), virtually allowing the functionalization of any surface and/or material. Along these initial years, GraphenicaLab has already developed corrosion, pressure and temperature sensors using graphene (and other nanoinks), apart from transductors and flexible electronic cables.


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