Eurogamma is an Italian Company based near Florence founded in 1976 and awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

Right from the start it has distinguished itself thanks to the technical consultancy that certainly represented a valid aid for its introduction onto the market and also right from the moment of starting business Eurogamma also dedicated particular attention to the railway sector which, despite being slow to pick up during the early years, has gone to become one of the strongest points for many of its other activity sectors.

In 1982 we started to manufacture mobile lifting jacks for rail and commercial vehicles and now we are specialized only in such kind of production.

Since 1985 all lifting systems are composed of jacks and control unit equipped with microprocessors, designed and manufactured by Eurogamma,

Our range of products includes jacks with a single capacity from 5 tons to 50 tons.

All the lifting systems manufactured by Eurogamma are EC certified, following the Machinery Directive,
from a third party appointed by the European Community.

We are able to boast that these control units, invented even before the first PCs, today are still in operation.

The use of 3D design systems together with devices as Finite Elements Method (FEM) analysis permitted a continuous development of the lifting jacks.

Moreover, we offer a direct after sales service and the availability in stock of all the spare parts.

The development of new techniques and the streamlining of the project have led to a constant and ongoing strengthening of the product, with a considerable impact on all the world markets. Today in the USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia our mobile lifting jacks are synonymous with high tech decisions and the utmost in performance.