EMS Engineering Services


EMS provides electrical, mechanical and sustainable engineering solutions to the rail, industrial and commercial sectors, each aspect is linked by our commitment to provide a professional service that our partners and clients can trust.

The turnkey projects we provide cover a wide range of applications across the rail industry and commercial sectors – from EV infrastructure and structured data cabling systems, to wireless connectivity and driver advisory systems.

Built on over 15 years of working within the rail industry, EMS has extensive experience in the railways and rolling stock sectors. We work with world-leading manufacturers of equipment and products, to ensure that we provide you with a customised service to suit all your requirements. Our team is highly experienced in all types of electrical and mechanical installation projects and modification work within industry.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service in terms of quality of work, time delivery, professional behaviour and customer service. For more information, visit our website: https://ems-engineering.co.uk/


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