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Embever is a deep tech startup providing its customers with a communication platform for upgrading and retrofitting electronic systems with IoT cloud connectivity, especially from the railway and mobility sector.

In 2021, they have launched Embever Cloud as a Module (CaaM), a product that serves as the basis for Cloud integration into the hardware at companies. CaaM is an interaction of firmware, protocols and an especially architecturally tuned cloud infrastructure. Data from devices can be integrated into any enterprise software using the Embever IoT Core. It provides enterprises with a unified IoT service infrastructure that adapts to the diverse needs and growth of enterprises. A particularly important factor for Cloud as a Module is that protocols and interfaces are developed as open standards. This avoids a vendor lock-in of the user and additionally enables other companies to adapt the system exactly to their needs and expand it independently.

Check this video to learn more → https://vimeo.com/535809505