CylusOne provides the ultimate layer of protection for the rail signalling network, detecting security breaches that can jeopardize safety and service availability. By providing unprecedented visibility into the entire network, from overall topology to the granular level of all assets and their communications, CylusOne enables you to fully understand the cybersecurity status at any given moment. Robust continuous security monitoring instantly detects malicious activities and anomalies, providing alerts with actionable insights. Simple deployment and an intuitive interface bridge the gap between cybersecurity and rail signalling. By facilitating quick and effective responses to cybersecurity threats and attacks, Cylus helps you maintain safety through security.

About Cylus
Cylus, the category leader in protecting mainline and urban systems, has created a software-based solution developed specifically to meet the unique cybersecurity needs of the rail industry. Led by veterans of the elite cyber unit of the Israeli Defense Intelligence together with former top rail executives, Cylus has deep expertise in both cybersecurity and rail.