Attensys was established in 2017 and is based in Berlin, Germany.

We specialize in sensor-based IoT solutions and have been working in the following fields:

  • Transportation: Attensys SmartSeat, the first IoT-solution for the train, giving real-time information about seat occupancy (people, object, wet, vandalized) and life cycle data about the seat; currently tested by Deutsche Bahn Regio (S-Bahn Stuttgart)
  • Smaer Gateway: Latest in gateway technology plus intelligent software; currently tested at the Philippine Red Cross as part of REACHI ( first responders communication system.

We focus on delivering value adding information when and where it is needed and have developed a platform that is easy to adapt to various use cases without and limitation regarding sensors.

Our SmartSeat has won a Duetsche Bahn Award in 2019 and is patented in the USA and Denmark

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