Alteria Automation

Innovation Zone

Alteria Automation SL is a high-tech engineering company based in the US & Spain since 2017.  Its activity is focused on the development, manufacture and sale of industrial, health monitoring and environmental sensors with embedded-edge architecture, that we could translate as: pre-process at source or smart sensor.

Alteria has a laboratory in facilities that occupy 700 m² equipped with extensive means of rapid prototyping, including a robotic pick & place system for the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCB) and high-end electronic instrumentation equipment.  Further, we have a production & assembly line for short series.

Since March 2020, Alteria has developed I-ON, a range of intelligent Air Monitoring & Disinfection products, using Ultraviolet C, for closed environments. I-ON AIR has three products: Fixed for air conditioning ducts, portable for any other close space with no duct ventilation and the Air Quality Multi Sensor System.

I-ON has already been installed in buildings, hospitals, schools, restaurants, dental clinics, gyms and offices. 

The products are certified by SGS and by INTA (Spanish Ministry of Defense). The competitive advantage is that we certify the disinfection of the air through a range of sensors in the duct and in the room since they measure all the relevant variables (CO2, VOC, Temperature, Humidity) in real time and store it in the server / cloud where they are analyzed and can be viewed from any connected device, with alarms and our Infection Probability Rate Proprietary Algorithm.