ADDvance brings solutions to efficiently industrialize Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), to make possible to produce spare parts remotely and on demand, reducing costs in storage and logistics, and improving sustainability and competitiveness. 

We help our customers to build their Digital Inventory of parts, supporting them in the development of a Digital Supply Chain (Internal and External), to make Manufacturing on Demand a reality. With our own Technology, we integrate commercial equipment and software with bespoke robotic solutions to automatize processes, and artificial intelligence to control quality and reliability. This translates into an autonomous manufacturing cell, ADDvanCELL, capable to operate remotely with complete security and traceability, and minimum supervision.

With a team with a strong background in additive Manufacturing Implantation, Systems Integration and Automation solutions in the Railway, Aeronautical and Defense industries, we also provide Technology independent Consultancy and Training services to support our customers in all the stages of Digital Manufacturing Embracement. 

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