29th November –1st December 2022, FYCMA Málaga 

Rail Live 2022






Mobility has become a key component of public transportation, filling in the gaps that traditional rail networks cannot. By integrating first-and-last mile options and allowing for multimodal journeys, rail can ensure that the journey to and from our stations are just as sustainable as everything in between. Come and see what the future of mobility, active travel, MaaS, and multimodal journeys looks like at Rail Live’s Smart Mobility Summit.



Key themes

The future of smart stations and mobility hubs
First-and-last mile integration
Cutting-edge MaaS apps
Intermodal transport
Mobility partnerships and collaboration
Active mobility & micromobility
National mobility strategies
Creating holistic MaaS ecosystems



Speaking at the Smart Mobility Summit




The agenda

Smart Mobility & Hubs, Tuesday 29 November 2022

Lluis Sanvicens
Smart Mobility & Hubs

Chairman's Welcome

Pablo Otaola Ubieta
Smart Mobility & Hubs

Highlighting the critical role connectivity will play in promoting mobility

Panel discussion
Smart Mobility & Hubs

How Mobility as a Service can transform everyday journeys for passengers and business for operators towards a sustainable transport

  • With Siemens Mobility digital solutions, travelers receive exactly the support they need: from intermodal route planning prior to departure to simplified booking, ticketing and payment to the most up-to-date travel information during the journey itself.
  • From trip planning to mobile ticketing and payment to systems for fleet management and train planning systems to mobility data analytics and more: our intermodal solutions enable seamless transport for a sustainable future.
  • Our offerings serve not only passengers but also mobility providers and operators – creating a basis for new business models and opening new revenue opportunities through an expanded multi- and intermodal offering.

Pilar Gorriz Ramon
Smart Mobility & Hubs

How Renfe’s TrenLab is accelerating the pace of innovation for the next generation railway

Evelyn De Wachter
Smart Mobility & Hubs

How to capture the full potential of sustainable rail use thanks to active modes of travel

Henk Swarttouw
Smart Mobility & Hubs

Train + Bike - a new modality for more sustainable travel 

Lluis Sanvicens
Smart Mobility & Hubs

Chairman's Welcome

Panel discussion
Smart Mobility & Hubs

Digital challenges for sustainable mobility: IN-MOVE by Railgrup Associated Companies

Session 1: Modelos de demanda para la planificación ferroviaria by Ignacio Galindo, Director Servicios Profesionales, PTV GROUP Iberia 


Session 2: Soluciones de megafonía Optimus para sistemas ferroviarios by Ferran Gironès, R+D & Large-Scale Director, OPTIMUS 


Session 3: Promotora Tecnològica Avançada UT Intel·ligència Artificial i experta en el sector de la mobilitat by Laia Garriga Mas, Promotora Tecnològica Avançada UT Intel·ligència Artificial i experta en el sector de la mobilitat, EURECAT  


Session 4: M-Reformer; a project focused on energy transition by Xavier Badia, General Manager Division, MMM Energy  


Session 5: Durabilidad y estabilidad a largo plazo en sensores de presión para ferrocarril e hidrógeno by Iván Blanco, Comercial Especialista en Sensores para el Ferrocarril, Trafag España 


Session 6: No quiero una infraestructura vacia! by Simó Batlle, Cap de planejament i multimodalitat, CIMALSA 

Panel discussion

Skills & Diversity – making a career in rail more attractive to all

·        Outlining the key recruitment challenges to making rail a more inclusive, welcoming and diverse profession

·        What steps can operators, infrastructure managers and technology providers take to make a career in rail a more desirable profession?

·        Do universities need to take a leading role in advocating for the industry?

·        How do we prepare for the generational shift which is affecting railway workers and ensure there are enough people to operate the system in the future


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Smart Mobility & Hubs, Wednesday 30 November 2022

Silvia Roldan

La importancia de los ferrocariles metropolitanos

Sebastian Court

Reflexiones para la nueva industria Metro Ferroviaria

Richard Aaroe

How can Innovative Technology give reliable, and cost saving infrastructure monitoring, and accurate predictive maintenance projections?

  • Are the railways ready for new innovative technology?
  • Is the word Innovation a “Hype-phrase” or just a bunch of IoT’s, SaaS’s, AI’s, etc put into some fancy slides?
  • How can Innovation be brought to the clients?
Panel discussion

Investing in the railway infrastructure required to meet future demand: the role of digitisation, decarbonisation and optimisation across Europe’s railway infrastructure

  • As we look ahead to the requirements of the railway infrastructure over the next couple of decades, where are the top priorities for investment?
  • How can technology support the optimisation of railway infrastructure operations and minimise maintenance costs?
  • What are our panellists doing to prepare for the impacts of climate change on railway infrastructure? 
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Smart Mobility & Hubs, Thursday 1 December 2022

Panel discussion

Meeting the challenge to decarbonise the railway sector and play our part in the fight against the climate crisis

  • How can the rail industry look to meet net zero targets and what are the key roles for every relevant sector including Freight, infrastructure managers and the wider supply chain?
  • Creating the conditions for true modal shift of passengers and freight: what are our biggest challenges and how can we meet them
  • Putting sustainability at the heart of all rail investment, development and optimisation from circular economy to biodiversity


Sergio Vázquez Torrón

All aboard! Travelling by train, the way to go for all

  • Rail as the mode of transport best placed to provide the backbone of our future mobility needs (not only environmental, but social). The future lies in rail.
  • What is Spain doing in its commitment to rail as the best mode in terms of social impact. No one is left behind
  • What role does Ineco play in this scenario: its contribution (specific projects and solutions)
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Attending companies include