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IOT & Maintenance Stream




Geert Pauwels, CEO, Lineas

Geert Pauwels


Steffen Bobsien, SVP European Asset Maintenance and Technology, DB Cargo

Steffen Bobsien
SVP European Asset Maintenance and Technology
DB Cargo

DB Cargo

Andrew Morsley, Head of Maintenance Modernisation, TFL

Andrew Morsley
Head of Maintenance Modernisation


Christopher McMorrow, Head of Fleet Management, Irish Rail

Christopher McMorrow
Head of Fleet Management
Irish Rail

Irish Rail



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IOT & Maintenance, Wednesday 18 April 2018


Geert Pauwels
IOT & Maintenance

Understanding why Rail Freight is more necessary than ever in today’s digital world

  • · Step 1: Companies are reinventing themselves by reinventing their products, how should freightposition itself?
  • Step 2: Connectivity, digitalisation en automatisation within an Industry 4.0. level open up never seen opportunities for the future of Rail Freight
  • Step 3 : Make it credible: Understanding the first projects in Lineas’ roadmap to the future
Fabian Stöffler
IOT & Maintenance

Exploring the opportunities for rail that digitisation provides

  • Using digitisation to provide additional services to our customers: developing in a customer centric way
  • Digitization and Automation of Assets and Infrastructure
  • Our vision for the future: Better utilization and increasing availability of  assets and production resources as well as increasing energy efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction

Networking Lunch


Andrew Morsley
IOT & Maintenance

Using Big Data to gain insights in the maintenance of our rolling stock

  •     Hear how TFL are taking advantage of increasing number of sensors and sources of data on our rolling stock
  •     Understanding how big data can be optimised and developing new algorithms to gain new insights into our assets
  •     Key case studies: simply changes to lower the risk of disruption and the cost of maintenance 
Alvaro Zevallos
IOT & Maintenance

Remote and Real-Time Diagnostics of Rolling Stock Assets Condition: Business Cases and Main Results

  • How can technical and financial risks be minimised with the implementation of highly precise asset management?
  • What best practices should be used for this purpose to optimise the impact on rail networks?
  • Sharing insight on the qualitative and quantitative benefits of applying big data techniques to rolling stock assets to improve performance
Bob Huisman
IOT & Maintenance

The challenge of train condition-based logistics

  • Sharing the status of NS’ big data environment: what are we doing with our sensor data?
  • Developing technologies and applications to optimise the logistics of railway operations
  • Transitioning to full dependency: overcoming the political and regulatory challenges
IOT & Maintenance

Panel debate: How can rail capitalise on the potential opportunities arising from condition based maintenance?

Themes include:
  • Discussing the main challenges that rail operators and network managers face when first implementing CBM
  • Ensuring you are gathering and optimising data: what are the key lessons that can be shared?
  • Developing and building on key insights to optimise data and CBM
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IOT & Maintenance, Thursday 19 April 2018


Diego Galar
IOT & Maintenance

IoT to overcome the complexity and trigger new servitization in the digital railways of the future

Ander Azkarate
IOT & Maintenance

How is Danobat’s advanced technology leveraging highly accurate wheel measurements and wheel reprofiling systems for maximum operating efficiency

  • How non-stop data is helping operators to make smart maintenance a reality
  • Technological innovation to simplify data maintenance
  • How to reduce inspections and maximise interventions
Nalinaksh Vyas
IOT & Maintenance

Developing a big data platform to optimise operations on the Indian Railways Network

  • Understand how Indian Railways is working to develop a big data for asset management
  • Exploring the deep learning paradigm the rail industry
  • Developing an outlook of applications and innovations for a big data platform
last published: 16/Apr/18 12:45

Co-located with 

Festival of Biologics

18-19 April 2018, Bilbao

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