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East Link Project: 4 tips to plan the high-speed railway of the future


Sweden is working on adding a brand-new high-speed railway to its existing network. It is bold, it is exciting and it is called the East Link Project. 
The East Link Poject is the first stage of a next generation railway that will link the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo.
What will it deliver for passengers? More trains, shorter journeys and improved punctuality. In other words, a user's dream.

So how is this project being driven to become reality?

Here are some key steps the team of the East Link Projects have followed to ensure the project's successful implementation:
1.  Evaluate the technical feasibility of building a high speed railway
With specific turning radius and ability to parry, assessing early on the landscape you will have to work around is critical.
2. Be inspired by other projects globally
The solution to your specific problem could be found in a project already implemented somewhere else in the world!
Make your research and find projects with similar aspects! Do you face identical or near-enough issues? What can you learn from that?
3. Don't underestimate the environmental impact
There's no way around it: If you don't acknowledge the risks, building a high-speed railway will create serious disruptions to animals, plants and the environment. Analysing these risks early is the best way to find solutions that will manage them.
4. Give a voice (a real one) to people likely to be impacted.
Don't just put your head in the sand. Consult the people affected by the project. It is a unique opportunity to hear about the full scope of concerns for you to start working on solutions and real engagement will minimise the challenges throughout the projects.    

Interested in keeping up with this Mega Project?

Johan Sundin, Head of Strategic Construction Support, East Link Project, Trafikverket will join us at Rail Live! on 5-7 March 2019 to discuss the latest developments of the East Link Project, the challenges that lie ahead and the new strategies that are being developed and implemented to overcome them.  
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