2018 Speakers Included:

K D Adamson, Futurist & CEO, Futurenautics Group, United Kingdom

K D Adamson at RAIL Live 2018

Lorenzo Aguilar Camelo, General Director, Monterrey Metro, Mexico

Lorenzo Aguilar Camelo at RAIL Live 2018

Diego Aisa, Sales manager, Greenwood Engineering, Spain

Diego Aisa at RAIL Live 2018

Cesáreo Gonzalez Alvarez, Chief Executive Officer, Telice, Spain

Cesáreo Gonzalez Alvarez at RAIL Live 2018

Roberto Andreoli, Chief Information and Technology Officer, A.T.M. - Azienda Trasporti Milanesi, Italy

Roberto Andreoli at RAIL Live 2018

Babakalli Ankali, Assistant Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Babakalli Ankali at RAIL Live 2018

Andres Arizkorreta, Chief Executive Officer, CAF, Spain

Andres Arizkorreta at RAIL Live 2018

Alexander Arriola, General Director, SPRI, Spain

Alexander Arriola at RAIL Live 2018

Eneko Arruebarrena Elizondo, CEO, Metro Bilbao, Spain

Eneko Arruebarrena Elizondo at RAIL Live 2018

Ander Azkarate, Strategic Innovation Manager, Danobat, Spain

Ander Azkarate at RAIL Live 2018

Ramon Azuara, Director General, Renfe Pasajeros, Spain

Ramon Azuara at RAIL Live 2018

Joanna Baczewska, Chief Financial Officer, Tramwaje Warszawskie, Poland

Joanna Baczewska at RAIL Live 2018

Alejandro Badolato, Co-CEO, Auto Drive Solutions S.L., Spain

Alejandro Badolato at RAIL Live 2018

Emilie Baer, Project Manager, SMTC - Tisséo, France

Emilie Baer at RAIL Live 2018

Michael Barillère-Scholz, Managing Director, IOKI by Deutsche Bahn, Germany

Michael Barillère-Scholz at RAIL Live 2018

Sylvain Baro, Senior Design Engineer, SNCF, France

Sylvain Baro at RAIL Live 2018

Alexander Barron, Associate Director and Head of Metro Benchmarking, Railway and Transport Strategy Centre, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Alexander Barron at RAIL Live 2018

Yuri Eros Barros Zulaica, Director - Metro de Quito Project, Telefonica, Ecuador

Yuri Eros Barros Zulaica at RAIL Live 2018

Wojciech Bartelski, CEO, Tramwaje Warszawskie, Poland

Wojciech Bartelski at RAIL Live 2018

Mikel Beitia Euba, Responsable de Material Móvil, Euskotren, Spain

Mikel Beitia Euba at RAIL Live 2018

Antonio Berrios, Director for Technology Innovation, ADIF, Spain

Antonio Berrios at RAIL Live 2018

Daniel Blauensteiner, WienMobil Project Manager, Wiener Linien, Austria

Daniel Blauensteiner at RAIL Live 2018

Steffen Bobsien, SVP European Asset Maintenance and Technology, DB Cargo, Germany

Steffen Bobsien at RAIL Live 2018

Henok Bogale, Deputy CEO, Ethiopian Railways Corp, Ethiopia

Henok Bogale at RAIL Live 2018

Pavel Boksha, Head of the Department of Analytics and Development of Route Networks, SUE Mosgortrans NIIproekt, Russian Federation

Pavel Boksha at RAIL Live 2018

Paul Booth, Principal Engineer, Network Rail, United Kingdom

Paul Booth at RAIL Live 2018

Christoph Borlinghaus, Future Networks Manager – Europe, Camlin Rail, United Kingdom

Christoph Borlinghaus at RAIL Live 2018

Joudia Boujdaini, International Business, CAF SIGNALLING, Spain

Joudia Boujdaini at RAIL Live 2018

Gautier Brodeo, Senior Advisor - Railway Safety, RATP, France

Gautier Brodeo at RAIL Live 2018

Andrea Bruschi, Transportation and Mobility Planner, Metropolitana Milanese SpA, Italy

Andrea Bruschi at RAIL Live 2018

Dr Holger Busch, Scientific Advisor, Fraktion Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen, Germany

Dr Holger Busch at RAIL Live 2018

Morten Buur, Assistant Director, Banedanmark, Denmark

Morten Buur at RAIL Live 2018

Stéphane Callet, Director Signalling Projects, SNCF, France

Stéphane Callet at RAIL Live 2018

Eli Canetti, Expansion Manager, MetrôRio, Brazil

Eli Canetti at RAIL Live 2018

Alexander Cano, CBTC System Engineer. Engineering department Madrid,, Bombardier, United Kingdom

Alexander Cano at RAIL Live 2018

Paolo Carbone, Head of Public Transport Capital Programmes, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Ireland

Paolo Carbone at RAIL Live 2018

Jiří Čermák, ‎Technology Evangelist, Neuron Soundware, Czech Republic

Jiří Čermák at RAIL Live 2018

Dr. Cheng-chiou Chang, Committee Member, Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taiwan

Dr. Cheng-chiou Chang at RAIL Live 2018

Meng Cheng Chao, Director - Information Technology Division, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, Taiwan

Meng Cheng Chao at RAIL Live 2018

Michal Cieslik, Chief Security Officer, Wiener Linien, Austria

Michal Cieslik at RAIL Live 2018

Philippe Citroen, Director General, Unife, Belgium

Philippe Citroen at RAIL Live 2018

Peter Cushing, Managing Director, Cushing IP and Co Ltd, United Kingdom

Peter Cushing at RAIL Live 2018

Mark Davis, General Manager, D.L.R., United Kingdom

Mark Davis at RAIL Live 2018

Juan Antonio Delgado, Head of Business Development, Marketing and Communication of Stadler Valencia, Stadler Rail Valencia, Spain

Juan Antonio Delgado at RAIL Live 2018

David Alvarez Diez, Research Engineer, ArcelorMittal, Spain

David Alvarez Diez at RAIL Live 2018

Andres Munoz De Dios Rodriguez, Managing Director, Metropolitano de Tenerife SA, Spain

Andres Munoz De Dios Rodriguez at RAIL Live 2018

José Luis Domingo Zayas, Head of Mass Transit, Mobility Division, Siemens, Spain

José Luis Domingo Zayas at RAIL Live 2018

Marcelo Dourado, CEO, Metro DF - Companhia do Metropolitano do Distrito Federal, Brazil

Marcelo Dourado at RAIL Live 2018

Mathieu Dunant, Head of Innovation, R.A.T.P. Group, France

Mathieu Dunant at RAIL Live 2018

Nick Earle, SVP - Global Field Operations, Virgin Hyperloop One, United Kingdom

Nick Earle at RAIL Live 2018

Pier Eringa, Chief Executive Officer, ProRail, Netherlands

Pier Eringa at RAIL Live 2018

Carlos Esquiroz, CEO, Metro Ligero de Madrid, Spain

Carlos Esquiroz at RAIL Live 2018

Carme Fabregas, Chief Technology Officer, Autoritat Del Transport Metropolita, Spain

Carme Fabregas at RAIL Live 2018

Enrique Fernandez Pino, Group CIO, Go Ahead Group, United Kingdom

Enrique Fernandez Pino at RAIL Live 2018

Pedro Fernandez Undabarrena, Head of Spain Engineering Center, Bombardier, United Kingdom

Pedro Fernandez Undabarrena at RAIL Live 2018

Tobias Fischer, Head of Rolling Stock Technology, Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany

Tobias Fischer at RAIL Live 2018

Tim Flower, Professional Head of Maintenance, Network Rail, United Kingdom

Tim Flower at RAIL Live 2018

Pedro Fortea, Director, MAFEX, Spain

Pedro Fortea at RAIL Live 2018

Juan José Gainza, Product Manager, ArcelorMittal, Spain

Juan José Gainza at RAIL Live 2018

Diego Galar, Professor, Lulea University, Sweden

Diego Galar at RAIL Live 2018

Julio Galipienzo, Area Manager, CAF MiiRA, Spain

Julio Galipienzo at RAIL Live 2018

Rodrigo Garcia, Responsable Técnico, BENDER IBERIA, Spain

Rodrigo Garcia at RAIL Live 2018

Aitor Garitano, CEO, Euskal Trenbide Sarea - Red Ferroviaria Vasca, Spain

Aitor Garitano at RAIL Live 2018

Laia Garriga, Business Development Manager, Rail Industry, Eurecat Centro Tecnológico De Catalunya, Spain

Laia Garriga at RAIL Live 2018

Vladimir Gavrilin, Head of Data Analysis Department, SUE Mosgortrans NIIproekt, Russian Federation

Vladimir Gavrilin at RAIL Live 2018

Vincent Georjon, Deputy General Manager, SMTC - Tisséo, France

Vincent Georjon at RAIL Live 2018

Gabriel Goulet-Langlois, Data Scientist, Transport for London, United Kingdom

Gabriel Goulet-Langlois at RAIL Live 2018

Rafael Gutierrez de Mesa, Sales & Marketing Director, Kuehne+Nagel, United Arab Emirates

Rafael Gutierrez de Mesa at RAIL Live 2018

Oleg Guziy, Chief Executive Officer, Kinergizer, Netherlands

Oleg Guziy at RAIL Live 2018

Mogens Hagelskær, CEO, Odense Tramway, Denmark

Mogens Hagelskær at RAIL Live 2018

Rolf Härdi, CTO, Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany

Rolf Härdi at RAIL Live 2018

Amy Harhoff, Director of Corporate Affairs, Transport for Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Amy Harhoff at RAIL Live 2018

Charles Hoskins, Senior Director, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, United Kingdom

Charles Hoskins at RAIL Live 2018

Tobyn Hughes, Managing Director, Nexus, United Kingdom

Tobyn Hughes at RAIL Live 2018

Bob Huisman, Manager of Maintenance Research and Development, N.S., Netherlands

Bob Huisman at RAIL Live 2018

Frederic Jans-Cooremans, Project Manager, Transport Systems, STIB-MIVB, Belgium

Frederic Jans-Cooremans at RAIL Live 2018

Carel Jonckheere, Digital Railway Project Director, Infrabel, Belgium

Carel Jonckheere at RAIL Live 2018

Mark Joseph, Chief Development Officer, Transdev, United States

Mark Joseph at RAIL Live 2018

Jung Gyeong Woo, Director of IT, Korail, Republic Of Korea

Jung Gyeong Woo at RAIL Live 2018

Kumar Keshav, Managing Director, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation, India

Kumar Keshav at RAIL Live 2018

Nick Kingsley, Managing Editor, Railway Gazette International, United Kingdom

Nick Kingsley at RAIL Live 2018

Thomas Kritzer, Head of Tramway Division, Wiener Linien, Austria

Thomas Kritzer at RAIL Live 2018

Nir Kugel, Deputy General Manager, Design, N.T.A. Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd, Israel

Nir Kugel at RAIL Live 2018

Sanjay Kumar, Chief Engineer – Signalling & Telecommunications, Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation, India

Sanjay Kumar at RAIL Live 2018

Jean Robert Laarhoven, Commercial Director, Amurrio Ferrocarril Y Equipos Sa, Spain

Jean Robert Laarhoven at RAIL Live 2018

Jon Lamonte, Chief Executive Officer, Transport for Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Jon Lamonte at RAIL Live 2018

Xabier Larrea, ESS Platform Manager, CAF POWER & AUTOMATION, SL, Spain

Xabier Larrea at RAIL Live 2018

Imanol Leza, CEO, Euskotren, Spain

Imanol Leza at RAIL Live 2018

Javier Lopez, Commercial Director, Pandrol Ltd, Spain

Javier Lopez at RAIL Live 2018

Ralph Luijt, Manager Energy & Environment, NS Reizigers, Netherlands

Ralph Luijt at RAIL Live 2018

Juliette Marais, Research Fellow, IFSTAR, France

Juliette Marais at RAIL Live 2018

Guzman Martin, Area Manager, CAF, Spain

Guzman Martin at RAIL Live 2018

Daniel Martin, CEO, Limmat Group, Spain

Daniel Martin at RAIL Live 2018

Luis Miguel Martinez Palencia, Director of Strategic Planning and Operation, Consorcio De Transportes De Madrid, Spain

Luis Miguel Martinez Palencia at RAIL Live 2018

Christopher McMorrow, Head of Fleet Management, Irish Rail, Ireland

Christopher McMorrow at RAIL Live 2018

Maz Mirza bin Mohd Aminurashid, Head, Information Technology, Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Maz Mirza bin Mohd Aminurashid at RAIL Live 2018

Mohammad Montazeri, Deputy Managing Director, Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Company - TUSRC, Iran

Mohammad Montazeri at RAIL Live 2018

Ander Montes Pozo, Kaohsiung Tram Technical Manager, CAF Turnkey & Engineering, Spain

Ander Montes Pozo at RAIL Live 2018

Alejandro Moreno, Director, Midland Metro Alliance, Spain

Alejandro Moreno at RAIL Live 2018

Ana Maria Moreno, General Manager, Los Tranvías de Zaragoza, Spain

Ana Maria Moreno at RAIL Live 2018

David Moris, Product manager - Transport Rails, ArcelorMittal, Spain

David Moris at RAIL Live 2018

Andrew Morsley, Head of Maintenance Modernisation, TFL, United Kingdom

Andrew Morsley at RAIL Live 2018

Amandine Moutte, Assistant Project Manager, Line 4 Automation Project, RATP, France

Amandine Moutte at RAIL Live 2018

Jesus Navarro, Head of Rolling Stock, T.M.B. - Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, Spain

Jesus Navarro at RAIL Live 2018

Meike Niedbal, Head of Business Development, D.B. Station and Service, Germany

Meike Niedbal at RAIL Live 2018

Miguel Nieto, Director General, ADIF, Spain

Miguel Nieto at RAIL Live 2018

Nikolaos Nikolopoulos, Head of Signaling and Train Control Dept., Attiko Metro, Greece

Nikolaos Nikolopoulos at RAIL Live 2018

Maria Concepcion Ortega Ortiz, Urban Light Transport Manager, IDOM, Spain

Maria Concepcion Ortega Ortiz at RAIL Live 2018

José Miguel Ortega Soldevilla, Deputy Director, Metro Bilbao S.A., Spain

José Miguel Ortega Soldevilla at RAIL Live 2018

Milena Oschmann, Environmental Expert, Deutsche Bahn, Germany

Milena Oschmann at RAIL Live 2018

Nicholas Owen, Journalist, Presenter & Rail Enthusiast, BBC, United Kingdom

Nicholas Owen at RAIL Live 2018

Susana Palomino Bilbao, Marketing and Communications Manager, Metro Bilbao, Spain

Susana Palomino Bilbao at RAIL Live 2018

Geert Pauwels, Chief Executive Officer, Lineas, Belgium

Geert Pauwels at RAIL Live 2018

Juan Francisco Paz, Architecture Area Manager, SENER Ingenieria Y Sistemas S.A., Spain

Juan Francisco Paz at RAIL Live 2018

Cesar Augusto Peñaloza Pabón, Viceministro de Transporte, Ministerio de Transporte de Colombia, Colombia

Cesar Augusto Peñaloza Pabón at RAIL Live 2018

Victor Perez, Reponsible for the Catenary division, K.L.K. Electro Materials S.A., Spain

Victor Perez at RAIL Live 2018

David Pistoni, CEO and Founder, Zeleros, Spain

David Pistoni at RAIL Live 2018

Javier Pita, CEO, Neosistec - Navilens, Spain

Javier Pita at RAIL Live 2018

Egle Radvile, Director of Information Technology, JSC Lithuanian Railways, Lithuania

Egle Radvile at RAIL Live 2018

Oscar Ramon Alaman, Export Director, Implaser, Spain

Oscar Ramon Alaman at RAIL Live 2018

Marcos Reboredo, Director of Technology and Innovation, Revenga Smart Solutions, Spain

Marcos Reboredo at RAIL Live 2018

Leanne Redden, Executive Director, Regional Transportation Authority Chicago, United States

Leanne Redden at RAIL Live 2018

Ricardo Restrepo, CEO, TRANSMETRO, Colombia

Ricardo Restrepo at RAIL Live 2018

Martin Röhrleef, Project and Innovation Manager, Üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe Ag, Germany

Martin Röhrleef at RAIL Live 2018

Aurelio Rojo, Independant Consultat & Honorary Member, Alamys, Spain

Aurelio Rojo at RAIL Live 2018

Kaspars Rokens, COO, Rail Baltica, Latvia

Kaspars Rokens at RAIL Live 2018

Jaume Romero, Head of Signalling, T.M.B. - Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, Spain

Jaume Romero at RAIL Live 2018

Dirk Rompf, Managing Director Network Planning and Major Projects, DB Netz AG, Germany

Dirk Rompf at RAIL Live 2018

Pilar Rosado Manzano, engineering, Euskotren, Spain

Pilar Rosado Manzano at RAIL Live 2018

Stefan Roth, Product Owner HoloAssist, Deutsche Bahn, Germany

Stefan Roth at RAIL Live 2018

Efim Rozenberg, First Deputy General Director, JSC NIIAS, Russian Railways, Russian Federation

Efim Rozenberg at RAIL Live 2018

Victor Ruiz, President, MAFEX, Spain

Victor Ruiz at RAIL Live 2018

Cécile Saint-Marc, Project Manager, SNCF Reseau, France

Cécile Saint-Marc at RAIL Live 2018

Angel San Segundo, Head of Technical Department, JEZ Sistemas Ferroviarios, Spain

Angel San Segundo at RAIL Live 2018

Juan Carlos Sanchez, Technical Director, JEZ, Spain

Juan Carlos Sanchez at RAIL Live 2018

Felipe Sanjuan, VP Sales Global Integrators, Teltronic, Spain

Felipe Sanjuan at RAIL Live 2018

Santiago Sanz Castillo, Director de Tecnología, SUPRASYS, Spain

Santiago Sanz Castillo at RAIL Live 2018

Goyo Sarasola, Director de Operaciones adjunto, E.T.S., Spain

Goyo Sarasola at RAIL Live 2018

Patrick Savoie, Business Development Manager for Energy Management, ABB, Canada

Patrick Savoie at RAIL Live 2018

Christian Schlehuber, Team Leader CyberSecurity OT, Db Netz, Germany

Christian Schlehuber at RAIL Live 2018

Jörn Schwarze, CTO, Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe Ag, Germany

Jörn Schwarze at RAIL Live 2018

Ivana Semanjski, City of Ghent, Belgium

Ivana Semanjski at RAIL Live 2018

Chris Sexton, Technical Director, Crossrail 2, United Kingdom

Chris Sexton at RAIL Live 2018

Anja-Maria Sonntag, Head of Digital Transformation, SBB Cargo, Switzerland

Anja-Maria Sonntag at RAIL Live 2018

Fabian Stöffler, Head Asset Digitisation, DB Cargo, United Kingdom

Fabian Stöffler at RAIL Live 2018


José Pla Tormo at RAIL Live 2018

Enrique Torres Verdasco, Director of Sales, Mobility Division, Siemens, Spain

Enrique Torres Verdasco at RAIL Live 2018

Carlos Alberto Ugaz Montero, Managing Director, Autoridad Autonoma del Sistema Electrico de Transporte Masivo de Lima y Callao A.A.T.E., Peru

Carlos Alberto Ugaz Montero at RAIL Live 2018

Kilian Ulm, Head of Business, Axon Vibe, Switzerland

Kilian Ulm at RAIL Live 2018

The Most Excellent Iñigo Urkullu, President/ Lehendakari, Basque Government, Spain

The Most Excellent Iñigo Urkullu at RAIL Live 2018

Ianko Valero, Technical Director, Traction Area, Ingeteam Power Technology S.A, Spain

Ianko Valero at RAIL Live 2018

Paulius Valiulis, Head of Innovation Labs, Lithuanian Railway, Lithuania

Paulius Valiulis at RAIL Live 2018

Fernando Vaquero Granados, Ingeniería de Material Móvil, T.M.B. - Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, Spain

Fernando Vaquero Granados at RAIL Live 2018

Rik Vos, Chief Operating Officer, Lineas, Belgium

Rik Vos at RAIL Live 2018

Nalinaksh Vyas, Chairman, Technology Mission, Indian Railways, India

Nalinaksh Vyas at RAIL Live 2018

Phillip Washington, Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles Metro, United States

Phillip Washington at RAIL Live 2018

Wendy Welsh, Head of Air Operations, Network Rail, United Kingdom

Wendy Welsh at RAIL Live 2018

Mark Wild, Managing Director, London Underground, United Kingdom

Mark Wild at RAIL Live 2018

Gareth Williams, Head of Energy & Environment, Northern Rail Ltd, United Kingdom

Gareth Williams at RAIL Live 2018

Joachim Winter, Senior Scientist and Project Manager, German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Germany

Joachim Winter at RAIL Live 2018

Leslie Woo, Chief Planning and Development Officer, Metrolinx, Canada

Leslie Woo at RAIL Live 2018

B.C. Yen, President, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, Taiwan

B.C. Yen at RAIL Live 2018

Alvaro Zevallos, Chief Business Development Officer, NEM Solutions, Spain

Alvaro Zevallos at RAIL Live 2018