Sylvain Baro | Senior Design Engineer

Sylvain Baro, Senior Design Engineer, SNCF

I  am 44 years old. I completed my PhD in Computer Sciences (formal methods and logic) in 2003. I started to work in 2004 in Siemens Mobility, as a safety engineer on CBTC systems. From 2008 to 2012, I worked as a system engineer in the same company also on CBTC systems. I entered SNCF at the end of 2012, as a System and Modelling engineer. Since then, I worked mostly as a head of ATC System team on the NExTEO project (CBTC for a suburban line in Paris), where I dealt both with system design and system performance. In parallel to this, I also manage a small R&D project which purpose is to design a  system simulator for CBTC systems (NExTEO in particular) for performance assertion and study in ATS regulation.


Rail Live! Day 1 @ 12:50

Master the performances of signalling upgrades in Paris

  • Increasing capacity and operations in Paris: the main performances levels to achieve on NExTEO EOLE Project
  • Overcoming the key challenges of mastering the implementation of new tech with its new performance levels
  • Using tools (SIMONE) : key lessons learnt so far

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