Milena Oschmann | Environmental Expert
Deutsche Bahn

Milena Oschmann, Environmental Expert, Deutsche Bahn

2017-Today      Deutsche Bahn AG Team Leader Stakeholder Management and Environmental Innovation
2013-2017         Deutsche Bahn AG Stakeholder Management and Assistant to the Head of DB Environment
2009-2013         German Parliament Policy Officer and Advisor to Hans-Josef Fell, Member of Parliament
2008-2009         The London School of Economics MSc Politics and Government in the EU                  
2005-2008         University of Bremen BA Political Science                                                                   
2001-2004         Integrierte Gesamtschule Friedrichsort, A-Level                     
2000-2001         Portales High School New Mexico, USA (Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange)          
09-11/2009        PRGS Consultancy, Germany
03-06/2008        Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Malaysia (DAAD Scholarship) 
02-04/2007        Prime Minister of Land Schleswig-Holstein, Germany                                                
05-07/2005        European Parliament, Angelika Beer MEP, Belgium/France                                                     
01-04/2005        RTL Broadcasting, Germany                                                                                                   
10-12/2004        Radio Schleswig Holstein, Germany                                                   
Interests and Relevant Skills
2014-today        Mentor at On Purpose in Berlin
2014-2017         Voluntary Service at a local Refugee Camp in Berlin Moabit
2011-2016         Civil Member of the Local Parliament in Berlin Neukölln
2012-2013         Civil Ambassador Mercator Stiftung -  Project ‘I want Europe’
2012-2012         Participant British German Forum at Wilton Park
2011-2012         Mentor at Bürgerstiftung Neukölln
2010-2012         Press Officer and Spokesperson for the Green Party in Berlin Neukölln
2007-2007         Tutor for ‘Politics and Law’ class at the University of Bremen                            
2000-2001         Silk Ribbon of Excellence Portales High School, New Mexico


Summit Day @ 14:00

Merging sustainability and innovation to create a bright future for rail

  • Putting together a strategy for environmental innovations at Deutsche Bahn: sharing the highlights
  • Developing network wide projects to improve our footprint and energy use
  • Overcoming foreseeable challenges: what are the big questions we are focusing on?

Summit Day @ 16:30

Panel Discussion: How can rail operators ensure their networks are as sustainable as possible?

  • Overcoming internal challenges to ensuring that sustainability is a key priority across all departments
  • Making sure that your sustainability strategy is as forward thinking as possible
  • Working together as an industry to ensure that new technologies, forward thinking strategies and innovative ideas are contributing to a sustainable industry

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