Meng Cheng Chao | Director - Information Technology Division
Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

Meng Cheng Chao, Director - Information Technology Division, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

Meng-cheng Chao received his master degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Missouri-Rolla. He joined the Taipei Metro in 1991 and participated in the preparatory works of the first metro line in Taipei City, including design review, testing and training of rolling stock. Having worked for 16 years in the maintenance field of rolling stock, Mr. Chao transfered to IT Department in 2007 and executed the computer-related works including development of application program as well as operation and maintenance of signal, power and environment computers.
Having served as Manager of Rolling stock Plant, Deputy Director of Rolling stock Division and Director of Information Technology Division, Mr. Chao has 27-year rich management experience in both IT and rolling stock fields.


Rail live Day 2 @ 14:40

Implementing WIFI along the network of Taipei Metro

  • Upgrading from station WIFI to in-carriage WIFI: meeting the demand of our customers
  • Developing a specification for on board wifi which meets the criteria of your metro: sharing our experience
  • Implementing the technology on our network: understanding key technological challenges and impact on critical control network

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