Kilian Ulm | Head of Business
Axon Vibe

Kilian Ulm, Head of Business, Axon Vibe

Kilian is a dedicated international business development professional with entrepreneurial spirit and skills. He is an engineer by education (ETH Zurich) with work experience ranging from innovative start-up ventures to large multinational corporations. In between business calls and travel, you’ll most likely find Kilian kitesurfing crystal clear waters or skiing off one of Switzerland’s majestic mountains.


World Metro Rail Congress Day 1 @ 15:40

Orchestrated Mobility - A seamless and contextual mobile experience

  • Orchestrated end-to-end mobility enabled by customer insights gained through smart location analytics.
  • AI powered travel assistance to reduce friction of public transport users.
  • Contextual communication, seamless ticketing and ancillary revenue.

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