Gautier Brodeo | Senior Advisor - Railway Safety

Gautier Brodeo, Senior Advisor - Railway Safety, RATP

Gautier is graduated in Civil Engineering from « École Spéciale des Travaux Publics » and postgraduated in Project Management (MSc) from the University of Birmingham.
Looking back on his professional background within the RATP Group, his experience has been built through 4 periods of time. His first working experience was project management in 2000 on the automated metro line 14 extension. Secondly in 2005, he was given the responsibility to operate a metro line. This job allowed him to experience drivers’ management. Thirdly in 2010, he was Deputy General Manager of Orlyval (medium sized company running an automated line) which includes operation and maintenance.
Finally, from the beginning of January 2014, he has been appointed part time to the railway safety department (RATP) as a senior advisor and part time in the European railway affairs.


Rail live Day 2 @ 11:00

Automate an existing metro line without traffic disruption: the result of a long story of innovation since the 50's

  • RATP's experience in metro modernization and automation (several types of transition, both Brownfield and Greenfield projects)
  •  Focus on Line automation: Line 1 worldwide first, Line 4 ongoing (challenges, project organization)
  • Industrial strategy and key success factors

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