Gabriel Goulet-Langlois | Data Scientist
Transport for London

Gabriel Goulet-Langlois, Data Scientist, Transport for London

Gabriel Goulet-Langlois is a Data Scientist at Transport for London (TfL) where he works to improve customer experience and transport operations through innovative use of data. Through his role at TfL, as well as his academic work at MIT, he has successfully impacted change in transport using insight derived from data sources including smartcard ticketing data and WIFI data.


World Metro Rail Congress Day 1 @ 16:00

How are TfL using Wi-Fi and data analytics to improve journeys in London?

  • Analysing depersonalised travel patterns and grouping them into different segments to build a richer understanding of passenger demand.
  • Enabling greater sophistication in providing real-time information to customers, helping prioritise investment to improve services and ease congestion points.
  • Providing better insight on customer flows which could help increase commercial revenue for advertising companies or rental units on the transport network.

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