Christoph Borlinghaus | Future Networks Manager – Europe
Camlin Rail

Christoph Borlinghaus, Future Networks Manager – Europe, Camlin Rail

Mr. Christoph Borlinghaus finished his dual curriculum in 2007 as Electrical Engineer (B.Eng.) at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, Germany. He subsequently worked in the field of research and development of Li-ion batteries for the propulsion of electric and hybrid vehicles at the Deutsche Accumotive (DAIMLER).
He changed to the VDE Testing and Certification Institute, where he was responsible for the project management and testing of electrochemical energy storage devices in automotive and stationary applications. He has also been coordinator of several EU research projects on new storage technologies and storage applications. He brought his knowledge of innovative technologies into the standardisation work through his participation in the National Committee of the DKE for Batteries (K371) and in various sub-committees.
C. Borlinghaus has been working at CAMLIN Power since 2017 as Future Networks Manager. He acts as the main contact person for strategically important customers within Europe and is member of the FNN association. He develops business strategies and products and deals with the increasing demand of the energy market for new technical solutions. As an interface between customers and CAMLIN's development department, his field of action extends from innovative fault location in low-voltage networks through to modern asset monitoring at a high voltage level.


Rail Live! Day 1 @ 14:50

Hear our experience of implementing pantograph monitoring on Italy’s high-speed line

  • Sharing the technology behind the pantograph monitoring system operation
  • Hear why pantograph monitoring is an important innovation and how it creates impact on day to day rail operation
  • Outlining the performance and results of the project: what are the key benefits to the Italian high-speed line

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