Bob Huisman | Manager of Maintenance Research and Development

Bob Huisman, Manager of Maintenance Research and Development, N.S.

Bob Huisman is Manager Maintenance Research & Development at NS, the national railway operator in the Netherlands. His group is responsible for the development and implementation of methodologies, tools and techniques for future maintenance and service logistics, and delivering related business support. Main issues of current interest are Predictive Maintenance, Maintenance Program Optimization and Safety Assessment, Planning & Scheduling, and Service-Process Capacity Computation. Bob has a background in engineering, and a few decades of experience in the railway industry.


Rail Live! Day 1 @ 15:00

The challenge of train condition-based logistics

  • Sharing the status of NS’ big data environment: what are we doing with our sensor data?
  • Developing technologies and applications to optimise the logistics of railway operations
  • Transitioning to full dependency: overcoming the political and regulatory challenges

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