Andrew Morsley | Head of Maintenance Modernisation

Andrew Morsley, Head of Maintenance Modernisation, TFL

Andrew joined London Underground in 2002 and held a variety of management roles in train and station operations. He led LU’s station operations planning for the 2012 Olympic Games and oversaw on the ground readiness for a major transformation of LU’s customer service and station staffing model.
Over the past few years, Andrew has led the redesign of LU’s operating model to achieve a functional focus and integration of a single Asset Operations organisation. He is now heading up an ambitious Maintenance Modernisation Programme tasked with realising significant efficiencies in maintenance delivery


Rail Live! Day 1 @ 14:30

Using Big Data to gain insights in the maintenance of our rolling stock

  •     Hear how TFL are taking advantage of increasing number of sensors and sources of data on our rolling stock
  •     Understanding how big data can be optimised and developing new algorithms to gain new insights into our assets
  •     Key case studies: simply changes to lower the risk of disruption and the cost of maintenance 

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