Andrea Bruschi | Transportation and Mobility Planner
Metropolitana Milanese SpA

Andrea Bruschi, Transportation and Mobility Planner, Metropolitana Milanese SpA

Born in Parma, Italy, on October 13th 1975, Andrea Bruschi fully score graduated in
architecture, specializing in city planning, at Polytechnic of Milan on July 16th 2001
and he’s since then living and working in Milan, Italy.
He first worked as a researcher at Polytechnic of Milan from 2001 to 2003, taking
care of research and didactics regarding city and transportation planning.
Since 2003 he works as transportation and mobility planner for MMspa, a more than
60 years experienced engineering company based in Milan, specialized in
transportation planning, infrastructural projects, mobility consultancy and
construction management, leader in Italy for what concern metro rails. In MM he takes care of transportation
systems feasibility studies and mobility consultancies, he support corporate marketing regarding national and
international call for tenders and he participates in promotional and divulgation activities in Italy and abroad.
He usually speaks at several national and international conferences and writes many articles for specialized
magazines for what concerns the fields of mobility, transportation, infrastructures and city planning and he
travels within Italy and abroad as MM technical representative and promoter.
He truly believes in the importance of transportation and mobility planning in managing and developing
world’s metro areas, making them more efficient and livable for people and less impacting for environment, as
well as he considers sustainable mobility as one of future’s main businesses.


World Metro Rail Congress Day 1 @ 11:20


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