Alvaro Zevallos | Chief Business Development Officer
NEM Solutions

Alvaro Zevallos, Chief Business Development Officer, NEM Solutions

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and 10 years of experience in the Railway industry working in NEM Solutions since its foundation in 2007. 
Currently, Business Development Director of the Mobility Business Unit in NEM Solutions. 
Specialized in:

  • Digital transformation of businesses
  • Definition and implementation of disruptive and innovative digital services' business models
  • Technologies 4.0 
  • Rolling stock maintenance optimisation 
Wide experience working as advisor of several railway companies (HTM, NS/Nedtrain, Regiotram, Euskotren, Metro Madrid, STIB, Northern,...) defining customized Roadmaps with the suggested investments, ROI and best practices that should be considered during the digital transformation process and also, during the implementation of Condition Based and / or Predictive Maintenance strategies. 

"Challenges are my hobby."


Rail Live! Day 1 @ 14:45

Remote and Real-Time Diagnostics of Rolling Stock Assets Condition: Business Cases and Main Results

  • How can technical and financial risks be minimised with the implementation of highly precise asset management?
  • What best practices should be used for this purpose to optimise the impact on rail networks?
  • Sharing insight on the qualitative and quantitative benefits of applying big data techniques to rolling stock assets to improve performance

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