Alexander Cano | CBTC System Engineer. Engineering department Madrid,

Alexander Cano, CBTC System Engineer. Engineering department Madrid,, Bombardier

I have over 15 years of experience working in the Railway industry. Currently, I work as CBTC Systems Lead Engineer, integrating products and services for our customers by using a deep knowledge and understanding of railway technology and its products. Along my professional career I have participated in RCS projects in Europe, America and Asia for all range of activities from wayside to onboard systems. 

I like to solve problems and create solutions. Throughout my career, I have been driven by my intellectual curiosity about the way things work, which led me to participate in multiple software development projects; vital and non-vital plugins, simulators, TCMS and onboard software, onboard ATO software migration, Common ATO for (ERTMS and CBTC) software development and EBI Cam 1000.
Competencies: computer scientist and engineering, product development, systems integration, problem solving, collaboration and data network.


Rail live Day 2 @ 11:15

Advanced functions in ATO for mass transit systems

  • Are you ready to be the train eyes in UTO systems?. 

  • Integration of CCTV and intercoms with signalling system at central control 

  • Discussing ht benefits of remote maintenance and operation of trains 

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