Jung Gyeong Woo | Director of IT

Jung Gyeong Woo, Director of IT, Korail

Since 1991, he has been responsible for developing IT programs at KORAIL and from 2001 to 2015 we completed a big project to establish integrated information system for High speed Rail. He also succeed in developing nationwide compatible transit card, Rail + and an application for ticket reservation, KORAIL Talk.  In 2017 he is charge of developing railway operation such as CADS(Computer Aided Driving System), Train Information Display System etc.


Rail Live! Day 1 @ 15:00

Developing and operating with ERTMS in South Korea

  • Understanding the unique characteristic s of the South Korean Rail network
  • Discovering and overcoming the key challenges of implementing ERTMS technology
  • Hear the results of our research, developing LTE technology for railway operations

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