Rail Festival Day 1 14th November



Crister Fritzson

Growing the SJ network and investing in digital innovation

This year Crister Fritzson will join us to share SJ’s long term strategy. As Sweden is one of the worlds most connected countries, Crister Fritzson will share SJ’s digital strategy that are helping SJ to become one of the world’s leading rail operators. Crister will also discuss competition in Europe and how Swedish rail will adapt to the Norwegian market.
Erich Forster

Disrupting the Austrian Rail Network

Dr Erich Forster sits down with Nicolas Owen, to discuss Westbahn’s digital strategy and open competition on the Austrian Railway network. With a winning formula of simple pricing and reliably smooth customer experience, Erich will share what is next for Westbahn
Andreas Bergmann

Transforming High-speed rail experience at TGV Lyria

Andreas will join us to discuss the transformation taking place at TGV Lyria. In focus will be the improvements to digital channels, giving customers more control over booking and journey management. Other transformations taking place at Lyria, including improvements to on-board experience and a bid to attract premium customers will also be discussed
Keith Dierkx

Rail in the Cognitive Era - transforming the Rail experience

  • Cloud, Cognitive and Platforms
  • How Railways Transform their Business Models in an Age of Disruption

Speed Networking


Morning Coffee & Networking

round tables

Technology and Strategy Roundtables

With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them. After 35 minutes, there is one rotation, so participants can join two tables during the session.
  • Brand, loyalty and customer needs in competitive long distance markets
  • Derek Ladewig

    Derek Ladewig, Founder, Locomore

  • Can Your Social Customer Care Make You More Money?
  • Jillian Ney

    Jillian Ney, Digital Behavioural Scientist, DRJN

  • Discussing the best In- / -Out-Solutions with or without infrastructure
  • Birgit Wirth

    Birgit Wirth, Head of Innovation Projects, Deutsche Bahn AG

  • How digitalisation is changing the mobility landscape
  • Alessandra Berto

    Alessandra Berto, Innovation Manager, FS GROUP

  • Monetising the emotional highs and lows: Securing greater revenue by understanding the emotional experience of travel
  • Jerry Angrave

    Jerry Angrave, Customer Experience Director, Empathyce

  • New generation of satellite connectivity for Railway
  • Diego Lopez Gracia

    Diego Lopez Gracia, EMEA Sales Manager, Grupo Hispasat

  • Revenue Integrity: are provisional bookings our friends or enemies?
  • Celine Van Gucht

    Celine Van Gucht, Senior Revenue Analyst, Eurostar

  • The digital integration for the extended value travel - how to collaborate with your partner to provide a multimodal travel experience
  • Fulvio D'Aloia Cascone

    Fulvio D'Aloia Cascone, T&T Business Development Executive, IBM

  • The future of customer experience through mobile technology
  • Rakesh Parekh

    Rakesh Parekh, Head of Business Development, Opinsta

  • The impact of the 4th Industrial revolution on the role of ICT in Rail
  • Goran Kapic

    Goran Kapic, Chief of information security and sales support, HZPP doo

  • The opportunities and the challenges for the multi-modal door-to-door transportation
  • Ingo Winkler

    Ingo Winkler, Europe Rail Segment Leader, IBM







    Rail Fest Stream A

    Challenging alternative modes of transport with attractive pricing strategies

    • Discussing the unique challenge that rail face in relation to cyber security through cloud based solutions
    • Why should is cyber security be top of the list for every employee?
    • Building secure infrastructures that are sustainable when thinking about smart ticketing
    Rail Fest Stream B

    Preparing for the customer journey of tomorrow (using consumer insights and technological advancement)

    • Digitalizing  consumer touchpoints, focusing on self service
    • Ensuring that our customers have access to the information they need through digital solutions
    • Using machine learning to predict customer behavior and optimise marketing capabilities
    Rail Fest Stream C

    Panel: What will be the defining technologies that enable smart ticketing to be seamless, safe and efficient?

    Panellists will discuss some of the technologies on offer and what future innovation may bring to the industry. Technologies from Beacons to Geo Location, biometrics and WIFI will all be discussed
    Rail Fest Stream A

    Hear how Irish rail have implemented a dynamic revenue management strategy

    • See the impact that a modern revenue management system has had on our revenue growth
    • Overcoming the challenges to implementing new technology and managing the transfer internally
    • Discussing some of the projects we have implemented and the impact on our customer base
    Rail Fest Stream B

    Creating a booking ecosystem that encourages trust in digital

    • Developing platforms that can cater for our customer’s needs throughout the journey cycle
    • Understand how we will encouraging customer behavioural change to digital
    • Meeting our ultimate goal to gain deeper insights and deliver personalised services for our customers
    Rail Fest Stream A

    Implementing a new sales, distribution and RM software suite – should you make or buy?

    • What are the benefits of thousands of proven and out of the box functionalities?
    • How to incorporate specific operator requirements within an out of the box solution
    • Understanding the make or buy business case
    Rail Fest Stream B

    From fragile to agile: hacking the cultural barriers to innovation in rail - sharing DSB’s experience

    • Understanding how digital transformation can be encouraged in rail – and how to hack management and culture
    • Launching a digital lab and the balance between accelerating innovation and transforming the company culture
    • An introduction to a framework for doing innovation and optimising the customer, employee and train journeys with digital as enabler: hear about some key projects
    Rail Fest Stream C

    Delight your passengers - A seamless and contextual mobile experience

    • Understand how to orchestrate the passenger's door-to-door mobility based on user insights gained through smart location analytics
    • Bringing AI powered travel assistance to rail operators mobile applications to reduce friction along the passenger's individual journeys
    • Implement next-gen contextual communication, seamless ticketing and grow ancillary revenue

    Networking Lunch







    Rail Fest Stream B

    Building a successful rail brand: encouraging people to convert to rail

    • Understand how consumers relate to brands to meaningfully change your image
    • Working successfully with a range of partners to encourage new ridership
    • Once you get them to test, get them to stay: Irish Rail’s customer first success
    Rail Fest Stream C

    Bringing the Paris ticketing system into the 21st Century

    • Developing a ticketing system that will allow simple and practical ticketing transactions
    • Overcoming the challenges of working with several partners to implement a common solution
    • Designing a solution that will provide technological flexibility for the next wave of innovation
    Rail Fest Stream B

    Putting the customer first to take a fresh approach to achieving commercial success at Via Rail Canada

    • Hear what strategies Via Rail has changed based on a fresh, customer led approach
    • Understanding the role of CRM and Marketing in tapping into new markets for growth
    • Managing to substantially grow revenues with limited capacity growth
    Rail Fest Stream C

    Top 10 challenges and life lessons learned when implementing a new ticketing system and five sales channels in Croatia

    • Understand the main technical challenges we faced in jumping eons ahead in a single day
    • Overcoming the cultural challenges in Croatia and making the case for digital
    • Do not underestimate the hidden parts of the project
    • Sharing the reactions of our customers and the potential in the future
    Rail Fest Stream B

    Branding like a hospitality provider, thinking like an airline

    • Changing perceptions for Caledonian Sleeper to a premium, luxury hotel like experience
    • Using targeted digital marketing over social media to reach core customers markets
    • Going digital: collecting data and insights on customers to encourage an increase in loyalty
    Rail Fest Stream C

    Enabling digital ticketing with innovative technology

    • Understand how SJ approach new ticketing technology to encourage digital and mobile sales
    • Implementing SWISH mobile to mobile payments and the impact on our sales
    • Embedded chipcard: testing the potential ticketing technology of the future of SJ’s network
    Rail Fest Stream A

    Attracting business and premium passengers to high-speed rail in Europe

    • Hear how Lyria has put together a unique strategy to attract premium customers to its service
    • Overcoming the challenge of competition from other modes of travel and making rail stand out
    • Ensuring that our service is easy to book and manage through digital channels to create a seamless experience
    Rail Fest Stream B

    Building agile marketing and sales teams in rail: moving to market smarter & quicker

    • Understand why we believe in building agile sales and marketing teams?
    • How is NS International bringing these teams together?
    • What are the learnings so far?
    Rail Fest Stream C

    Setting the foundation for NextGen Rail Ticketing

    • Smart Ticketing is all about convenience. Here’s why.
    • What goes into creating the customer engagement backbone for the next generation of ticketing solutions
    • How the channel-less customer experience will look like for rail






    Rail Fest Stream A

    Re-evaluating the status quo by taking a fresh look at commercial strategy in Slovakian Rail

    • Creating new partnerships to grow revenues and market share on Slovakian Railway
    • Understanding what types of partnerships will bring the railway benefits
    • Making sure our developments create true value for our customers and encourage travel by rail
    Rail Fest Stream B

    Experience from the inside: Providing end-to-end passenger services in Amsterdam

    • Understanding the current transport mix in the business district of Amsterdam and the stress on roads and infrastructure
    • How we overcame the challenge of bringing the public operators together and creating a new approach to travel
    • The opportunities for rail: providing a seamless service to get your passengers home and encouraging travel by public transport
    Rail Fest Stream C

    Delivering digital first ticketing solutions as an incumbent railway operator

    • Revolutionising ticketing in the Czech Republic: bringing digital commerce to rail
    • Hear how we developed a digital e-shop which now accounts for 50 percent of bookings
    • Understanding our customers and making sure our services fit with their digital habits
    Rail Fest Stream A

    Putting the emphasis on Lithuania’s passenger rail business

    • Providing services that encourage rail to the business travel market
    • Focusing on different strategic markets and partnering with different travel modes to provide the best choice
    • Making sure we are advertising to the best channels: harnessing media to change our brand
    Rail Fest Stream B

    Developing new models which allow smart mobility partnerships to be developed

    • Understanding the benefits that smart mobility can have on the wider public transport network
    • What features do successful public/private partnerships have and does the franchise model work?
    • Establishing good relationships that can bring the benefits of Smart mobility to our communities
    Rail Fest Stream C

    Understanding the key role of e-ticketing in travel in 2017

    • What are the key elements which allow Flixbus tickets to predominately sell online?
    • Connecting off-line purchases to the on-line world
    • Providing in-app functions which allow for a seamless customer journey
    Rail Fest Stream A

    Providing customer centric ancillary services through one multi-train and multi-service smart platform

    • What is preventing rail operators from offering all services around their core business in a “customer centric” way? 
    • What are the core benefits for rail operators of providing ancillary services along each train ticket, in one destination or in a multi-city itinerary?
    • Make your rail services the most competitive in the transport market: providing opaque ticket prices in packages 
    Rail Fest Stream B

    Preparing for the multi-modal transformation

    • Preparing for SBB to be the Central Player in the Swiss Urban Mobility Ecosystem
    • Thinking ahead: preparing our network for Autonomous Vehicles
    • Working with Public Transit Operators as partners and ‘frenemies’ Google: when is the right thing to partner?
    Rail Fest Stream C

    Lost in ticketing

    • How an operator prepares for three futures of ticketing
    • Developing a future strategy for smart ticketing
    • An insight into some of our ticketing projects and lessons we learnt

    Afternoon Coffee


    Antoine De Kerviler

    Preparing for today, tomorrow and the day after. Is it only a buzz or is the rail industry really transforming?

    • Today is about open API’s
    • Tomorrow will be artificial intelligence
    • The day after will bring blockchain technology
    Pranay Jain

    Dragons Den Pitches

    ​We have partnered with some of the best developers from start-ups and Universities around the world to solve the everyday problems that the rail industry faces. 
    Some of the very best organisations that have emerged from our research will give a 5-minute pitch on stage to you the audience and to our carefully selected judging panel of some of the rail industry’s most informed executives.

    Evening Drinks Reception at Delirium Cafe

    Join us at the delirium Cafe, just over the road from the Conference Venue for an evening of networking. Delirium Cafe specialise in craft beers so you can explore this side of dutch culture
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