Meg Ehm | Director of Genetics

Meg Ehm, Director of Genetics, GSK

Meg is a Director, Genetics at GlaxoSmithKline located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.  She develops and manages external alliances that bring together GSK with academic and industry groups to build innovative capabilities capitalizing on genetic data that will improve the next generation of medicines.  Currently, she is co-leading the formation of a pharmaceutical industry consortium focused on accelerating translational research with genetic evaluation of clinically important phenotypes using electronic health record data and genetics to improve pipeline portfolio decisions.  Prior to this role, she led the statistical genetics group at GSK through a series of progressively more challenging roles within the international pharmaceutical company.  She received her BS degree from Vanderbilt University in mathematics and computer science and MA and PhD from Rice University in statistics.   She completed a brief post-doctoral post at North Carolina State University in 2001 where she remains an Adjunct Professor of Statistics. 


Day One @ 14:40

Informing drug discovery through genetics

  • Emerging strategies for using genetics to inform drug discovery
  • Accelerating the genetic evaluation of clinically important outcomes

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