Dr Marcie Glicksman | CSO

Dr Marcie Glicksman, CSO, ORIG3N

Marcie Glicksman, Ph.D. is the Chief Scientific Officer at ORIG3N; a biotechnology company that has established the world's largest uniformly consented cell repository to be used to better understand the cellular and molecular foundations of disease. Dr. Glicksman has been in the field of drug discovery for more than 20 years.  Previously, Dr. Glicksman was Co-Director of the Laboratory for Drug Discovery in Neurodegeneration (LDDN) at Harvard Medical School, which is focused on accelerating the identification of new therapeutics. While at LDDN, she helped spin out 8 new companies, one that now has a commercial product.  Previously, she was at the company, Descartes Therapeutics focused on pain therapeutics and Cubist focused on novel antibiotics. Prior to these positions, she was at DuPont-Merck and at Cephalon, Inc. She has led multiple advanced programs for neurodegenerative diseases including co-inventorship of CEP1347, a drug candidate directed at a kinase that has been in Phase III clinical trials.  She has also been part of the team to prepare an IND for a drug for neuropathic pain that has just completed Phase II clinical trials.  She was elected (2005-2009) to the Board of Directors and served as Chairman of the Board for the Society for Biomolecular Sciences (now Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening).  She is on the science advisory board for the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) and the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), and reviews grants for NIH, Department of Defense, SBIR, the Michael J Fox, Alzheimer’s Association, and Rett Foundation.  Dr. Glicksman co-founded the Academic Drug Discovery Consortium as a way to build a collaborative network for the academic drug discovery community.  Dr. Glicksman co-designed and developed an annual drug discovery course supported by NIH.  She also regularly consults and this has included filing an Investigational New Drug application with the FDA, as well as projects involving the development of new technologies.   Dr. Glicksman received a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and a Ph.D. degree in Neuroscience from Washington University.  Dr. Glicksman has over 75 publications and 12 issued patents.


Day One @ 15:20

ORIGIN: Strategy for Allogeneic Cell Therapy

  • Cell therapy has a lot of promise for impacting the future of medicine for repairing damage cells, tissues, and organs.
  • This talk will address the issues associated with autologous versus allogeneic approaches for cell therapy.

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