Huron Consulting Group

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Life science companies face a rapidly evolving landscape, leading to strategic opportunities as well as challenges including the threat of disruption. Huron's life science practice is part of Hurons continuum of healthcare offerings supporting the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products and services.
At Huron, we work with life science companies who typically focus on:
              Developing winning strategies and new innovative business models that go beyond individual assets and capabilities 
              Building value and making a difference to all stakeholders throughout the healthcare continuum
              Achieving affordable access to therapies while managing uncertainty around underlying data
              Harnessing the power of new technologies and approaches such as digital solutions, use of real-world evidence and analytics, and companion diagnostics
Discover how Huron can help you to harness new developments and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Corporate and Business Unit Strategy
  • Research and Development Portfolio Strategy
  • Market Access and Pricing
  • Business Development Strategy
  • Asset Commercial Strategy
  • Organization and Innovation Development
  • Drug Safety and Regulatory
  • Digital Solutions and Technology