Thomas Mueller | Head of Pharmaceuticals

Thomas Mueller, Head of Pharmaceuticals, G-BA

Thomas Müller is Medical Doctor and Pharmacist. He completed his studies in Berlin and London, and then worked in the Dermatology Department of the University Hospital Charité Berlin. He completed postgraduate studies in business administration. Subsequently, he worked for several years in the Hospital Pharmacy Departments of the University Hospitals of Erlangen and Rostock. He became director of the hospital pharmacy and the medical purchasing of the University Hospital of Rostock. Since 2007, Thomas Müller is head of the Pharmaceuticals Department of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) in Berlin. He is assistant professor at the University of Bonn (Regulatory Drug Affairs) and Paris-Sorbonne (International Market Access). As part of his work at the G-BA, Thomas Müller has played a key role in successfully designing, planning, and implementing the early benefit assessment (AMNOG) in Germany.


Day One World Pharma Pricing & Market Access EU Congress @ 09:40

Keynote panel: Engaging all key stakeholders to improve access and pricing

  • Overview of European and global initiatives and next steps
  • How can we work better for the patient?
  • Working with payers, patients and pharma to generate value

Day One World Pharma Pricing & Market Access EU Congress @ 17:35

Insights on AMNOG


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