Ruth Zeidman | Director
Covance Market Access

Ruth Zeidman, Director, Covance Market Access

Ruth Zeidman is a Director at Covance Market Access Services.  Ruth has a degree in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Molecular Medicine from Lund University in Sweden, and subsequently carried out postdoctoral research at both UCSF in California and Imperial College London. She joined Medaxial, now Covance Market Access, in 2010 from the journal Molecular Membrane Biology, where she worked as an Associate Editor.  She is published in the areas of neurology, signal transduction, and multiple sclerosis. Ruth leads and provides senior input to a wide range of projects including value propositions, dossiers, manuscripts, models, slide decks, objection handlers, literature reviews, data presentation tools, market access strategy, and stakeholder research.  Her experience spans a wide range of therapy areas and product types, including devices. Ruth provides strategic and managerial input into many of our value communication projects.


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