Nigel Hughes | Scientific Director, Rmeds Quantitative Sciences,

Nigel Hughes, Scientific Director, Rmeds Quantitative Sciences,, Janssen

Scientific Director, RMEDS Quantitative Sciences, Janssen Pharm R&D. A former UK NHS healthcare & voluntary sector professional working in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry with a 360° experience in the blood borne virus market based on a professional heritage in the viral hepatitis, liver disease & HIV fields spanning thirty years, inclusive of ten years in the voluntary sector and being a Dept. of Health advisor. Formerly working for Roche, Gilead, Novartis, and now Janssen, he has focused latterly on strategic marketing for new diagnostic solutions for personalized medicine via bio-informatic tools, health information technologies and biomarkers in infectious or chronic diseases, with a particular emphasis on real world data. He now works on the IMI European Medical Information Framework (EMIF) and integration of real world evidence into Quantitative Sciences programs, around the creation of digital cohorts. Married with two adult siblings, he lives in Belgium, in the countryside with his wife and ten cats.


Day 2- Thurs 19th March 2020 @ 12:05

Federated & Harmonised Real World Evidence in the EU 2020+: A Convergence of Intent, Collaboration & Technology?

last published: 24/Sep/19 13:06 GMT

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