Francois Lucas | Principal Consultant
Pope Woodhead

Francois Lucas, Principal Consultant, Pope Woodhead

François is a Principal Consultant at Pope Woodhead. He has consulted for the global pharmaceutical industry over more than 17 years, with a focus on market access. For the past 6 years he has been leading PW’s offering in the area of innovative pricing/contracting (managed entry agreements), being directly involved in a wide range of projects in Europe and delivering training regularly. Recent/ongoing projects include, for example, the development of comprehensive, tailored MEA toolkits for use by clients’ international organisations, as well as implementation of MEAs at the country level. François also provides thought leadership about RWE in his organisation.
Prior to working in consulting, François was a research scientist for 13 years in the area of health sciences. He published a large number of scientific and trade publications, and lectured at University level. He has a PhD in Nutrition and is fluent in English, French and Spanish.


Day One World Pharma Pricing & Market Access EU Congress @ 14:30

A worldwide view of market access to rare disease (RD) therapies – extracting the drivers and barriers in the ‘real world’, and the implications for pharma and payers

  • A series of case studies will be used to describe the context, challenges and success factors in the RD space, from recognition to funding to pricing and access, across the different regions of the world
  • We will stress the commonalities and specificities, and what this means for global strategies
  • The roles of RWE and innovating pricing/contracting will be highlighted 

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