Amy Winnen | Consultant
Independent Market Access Expert

Amy Winnen, Consultant, Independent Market Access Expert

Amy A. Winnen understands the organizational dynamics in the life sciences journey from bench to patient having worked with companies from 5 to over 1,000 employees. She has worked across the go to market continuum to facilitate patients being able to access and stay on therapy with life changing medications.  With over 25 years of experience, she has primarily focused on developing strategies that translate promising science into organizational capabilities that have enabled successful new product launches; including seven product launches in the orphan and rare disease space. She has worked with several emerging companies to build strategies and capabilities that have led to successful partnerships, acquisitions, and/or launches. Through a pragmatic yet patient focused viewpoint she can help companies create value by balancing the scientific point of view with her real-world commercialization and business expertise to create a holistic story. Her consulting and company leadership experiences provide a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that allow her to develop and implement strategies for success. Amy has built, led, and developed teams across multiple functional areas including manufacturing/supply chain, trade, distribution, commercial operations, marketing, market access, and patient advocacy. Recent industry positions include Vice President, Head of Value, Access, Policy & Patient Affairs at Fulcrum Therapeutics and  Vice President, Market Access & Commercial Supply a Fennec Pharma. 


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