Alexander Gee | Lead Consultant
ICON plc

Alexander Gee, Lead Consultant, ICON plc

Alexander Gee
Lead Consultant, Principal, Pricing & Market Access, Commercialisation and Outcomes, ICON Alex has nearly 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry roles, with a focus on the commercialisation component of the drug life cycle. He has held positions at NHS, Novartis, Apreva, and GSK, and in CRO and consultancy organisations. His experience includes work involving respiratory, dermatology, and rare disease products, over a wide array of market access projects and disease areas, from early input into trial design to generic defense strategies


Day One World Pharma Pricing & Market Access EU Congress @ 11:45

Harnessing Real World Evidence to Meet Payer Demands

  • Understand the impact of real world evidence (RWE) and real world data (RWD) on clinical trials and commercialisation
  • Discover how emerging technologies can create greater value from your RWD investments
  • Learn best practices for establishing real world value in the eyes of payers and other key stakeholders through case study examples 

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