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Our area of expertise is pharmaceuticals.

Think of any modern pharmaceutical, and there is a 50:50 chance it has been priced or forecasted using Inpharmation's solutions.

We work with 90% of top 10 pharma and most top 50. We help you establish how much your exciting new products are worth. We also train pharma executives across the world how to correctly price and forecast pharmaceuticals. 

People choose to work with us because of the depth and breadth of our experience and evidence-based approach. We work in: All stages of the product life cycle, from in-licensing and early development, through launch, to the end of a pharmaceutical's life. All therapeutic areas from orphans and rare diseases to mass market therapies. All levels of product innovation, from the ultra-innovative to me-too's.

We are expert in:
•    Behaviour-based pricing – an innovative and evidence-based technique that predicts price-response based on what payers actually do rather than what they say in interviews.
•    Price-demand and market access research – using techniques that (unlike most pricing surveys) produce unbiased estimates of price-response.
•    International reference pricing – our IRP model was the first mover. When modeling IRP, "the devil is in the detail". Clients work with us because of our cutting-edge simulator and comprehensive IRP rules database. 


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