Examine the sustainability of biosimilars and latest regulation shaping the industry

BIOSIMILARS, Wednesday 18 March 2020

Registration & refreshments

Morning Plenary

Erik Van Den Berg

Innovation in industry and practical considerations for biotechs

Ion Agirrezabal

Trends in modelling approaches for successful reimbursement of ATMPs

Bharat Tewarie

Unleash the Algorithms: Critical Success Factors to Reinvent Our Role in Delivering Patient Value


Speed Networking


Morning refreshments

David Thompson

Virtual Research: What it Is & What it’s Doing in the Real-World Setting

Thomas Mueller

Orphan Drugs, Gene Therapies, Post-Marketing-Data: Latest developments in German legal framework for drug assessment and reimbursement

round tables


Roundtable 10: Accelerating access to treatments for rare diseases
Kate Adcock

Kate Adcock, Director Of Research And Innovation, The Muscular Dystrophy U.K.

Roundtable 11: Does pricing innovative drugs fairly improve your bottomline?
Michael Schroter

Michael Schroter, Partner, Viopas Partners

Roundtable 12: Exploring reimbursement and healthcare systems across the Middle East
Rita Shorjian

Rita Shorjian, Market Access Head - Near East And North West Africa, AbbVie

Roundtable 16: Exploring the value from repurposing drugs: Who Benefits?
Douglas Foerster

Douglas Foerster, Head Market Access Europe And Row, Santhera

Roundtable 17: Working together with NGOs, Advocates, Pharma & Government to improve outcomes for families?
Edmund Lim

Edmund Lim, Co-Founder, We CARE Journey

Roundtable 18: Exploring challenges and opportunities across Africa on achieving new affordable strategies for Universal Health Coverage
Sagie Pillay

Sagie Pillay, Chief Operating Officer, Wits Health Consortium

Roundtable 19: Exploring innovative reimbursement and payment models for orphan drugs
Sebastian Soluch

Sebastian Soluch, Head Of Market Access And Pricing, Europe, Stemline Therapeutics Inc

Roundtable 1: Efficacy to Effectiveness - E2E – translating the promise of clinical trials to the real world
Chris Pashos

Chris Pashos, Former Vice President Of Global Evidence Strategy, AbbVie

Roundtable 20: Branded combo-pricing: Where to next?
Yves Samel

Yves Samel, Market Access Strategy Leader And Global Pricing Manager, Bayer

Roundtable 21: Exploring Patient Access in Belgium: challenges and opportunities
Katrien Van Geyt

Katrien Van Geyt, Head Of Market Access, Belgium And Luxembourg, Takeda

Roundtable 22: Achieving greater collaboration with HTAs: Insights from EUnetHTA & Industry
Marcus Guardian

Marcus Guardian, Chief Operating Officer, EUnetHTA

Roundtable 23: Exploring orphan drugs in emerging markets
Lisette Kaskens

Lisette Kaskens, Senior Global Market Access Manager, Advanced Accelerator Applications

Roundtable 24: Developments in pricing and patient access for speciality treatments
Keith White

Keith White, Vice President And Head, Global Market Access, Corbus Pharmaceuticals

Roundtable 25: Virtual approaches for real-world research
Erwin De Cock

Erwin De Cock, Principal, Late Stage, Syneos Health

Roundtable 26: Reserved for Life Science Dynamics
Roundtable 27: Exploring reimbursement models: Working with external stakeholders to improve outcomes
Gomathi Kaliappan

Gomathi Kaliappan, Global Market Access - Health Systems Strategy, Value Recognition, Roche

Roundtable 28: Oncology drug market: a high-growth, high-price therapeutic area
Elena Lungu

Elena Lungu, Manager Of Policy Development, Government of Canada (Canada)

Roundtable 29: Game-changing policies for game-changing innovations: what regulatory changes to ensure the development, diffusion and sustainability of new technologies
Gerard De Pouvourville

Gerard De Pouvourville, Professor And Chairman, Health Economics And Management, ESSEC Business School

Roundtable 2: How do you include the patient perspective in a outcomes-based contract?
Jolanda Koenders

Jolanda Koenders, Head Of Patient Value And Access, Takeda

Roundtable 30: Pricing Competition from Launch to Loss of Exclusivity
Adam Plich

Adam Plich, Managing Director, Plich Advisory

Roundtable 31: Exploring access and pricing challenges for low to middle income countries
Marijn Verhoef

Marijn Verhoef, Engagement Manager, Access to Medicine Foundation

Roundtable 32: Access and pricing considerations for CAR-T development
Nuno Prego Ramos

Nuno Prego Ramos, Chief Executive Officer, CellmAbs

Roundtable 33: Access and pricing considerations for CAR-T development
Nuno Prego Ramos

Nuno Prego Ramos, Chief Executive Officer, CellmAbs

Roundtable 33: Exploring Free of Charge supply model for an orphan drug at public healthcare coverage in Argentina
Marcelo Sal

Marcelo Sal, Head of Market Access and Pricing, Argentina, PTC Therapeutics

Roundtable 34: Value-based contracting in the world oncology
Bryon Wornson

Bryon Wornson, Vice President, Global Health And Value, Pfizer Oncology

Roundtable 35: Challenges associated with communicating the value of Cell & Gene Therapies
Jasim Uddin

Jasim Uddin, Head of Evidence, Value & Access, Consulting at McCann Health

Roundtable 37: The Modelling Impact of Policy Decisions on Pricing
Alan Crowther

Alan Crowther, General Manager, EVERSANA

Roundtable 38: Reserved for Semalytix
Roundtable 39: Patient based generated evidence
David Elvira

David Elvira, Heads Eu Public Affairs, Sanofi

Roundtable 6: A tale of two diseases: how orphan drugs can navigate NICE
Lindsay Weaver

Lindsay Weaver, Chief Executive Officer, Metabolic Support UK

Roundtable 7: Achieving positive reimbursement negotiations
Hassan Bruneo

Hassan Bruneo, Associate Director, Alnylam Switzerland Gmbh

Roundtable 8: The development of a patient advocate – How to find experienced and qualified patient advocates- The Continual Professional Development approach
Nadia Bodkin

Nadia Bodkin, Rare Disease Advocacy Professional, Rare Advocacy Movement

Roundtable 9: Using Health Economic Studies to Support Access and Value
Fabrizio Gianfrate

Fabrizio Gianfrate, Professor Of Health Economics, Market Access Advisor, Universities of Rome and Ferrara


Networking lunch


Afternoon Refreshment Break


Close of conference and networking drinks reception

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BIOSIMILARS, Thursday 19 March 2020

Morning Plenary

Panel discussion

Achieving greater stakeholder engagement and innovation to improve outcomes

  • What are the key initiatives in Europe and across the world aimed at improving cooperation?
  • How is innovation in access, pricing or evidence helping to improve outcomes?
  • How can we work better together with key stakeholders to improve health care efficiency?
Ulf Staginnus, Senior Vice President, Head Of Global Market Access And Pricing, Ipsen Pharma
Rajakanth Raman, Executive Director, Rainbow Across Borders Limited

Morning refreshments

round tables


Roundtable 10: How to establish a market access department from scratch?
Michael Muller

Michael Muller, Head Of Market Access, Western Europe, Sun Pharma

Roundtable 12: Exploring the international reference pricing landscape
Tanya Aiden

Tanya Aiden, Global Products Lead, BIOCAD

Roundtable 13: Achieving better alignment amongst stakeholders regarding definitions and concepts of value in diagnostics
Benjamin Gannon

Benjamin Gannon, Vice President International Access, Policy And Advocacy, Myriad genetics

Roundtable 14: Market access, Pricing, Payer & HTA developments for the Nordic Region
Sune Lindgaard

Sune Lindgaard, Chief Of Business Intelligence, Amgros, Denmark

Roundtable 15: Real world data and its utility in HTA decisions
Madhusudan Kabra

Madhusudan Kabra, Director, Evidence Generation, Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Roundtable 16: Market Access and pricing considerations for Spain
Jaime Espin

Jaime Espin, Professor, Andalusian School Of Public Health

Roundtable 17: Importance and requirements of registry data in HTA processes for orphan drugs across Europe
Ulrike Beckert

Ulrike Beckert, Senior Patient Access Manager Dach, Sobi - Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (publ)

Roundtable 18: Exploring innovative reimbursement models for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products
Carlo Incerti

Carlo Incerti, Operating Partner, Forbion

Roundtable 19: Market access considerations for oncology therapeutics
Adam Nosal

Adam Nosal, Head Of Market Access, Oncology Europe, AstraZeneca

Roundtable 20: Exploring High Cost Novelty Medicine Access and HTA in South Africa
Niri Bhimsan

Niri Bhimsan, Head - Health Technology Assessment, Discovery Health

Roundtable 21: Exploring HTA requirements and novel payment methods for anti-biotics
Warren Cowell

Warren Cowell, Market Access Director, Shionogi Inc

Roundtable 22: Achieving the best outcomes when negotiating managed entry agreements
Inneke Van De Vijver

Inneke Van De Vijver, Strategic Advisor - Reimbursement Pharmaceuticals, N.I.H.D.I.

Roundtable 23: Reserved for Lifescience Dynamics
Roundtable 24: Reserved for Syneos Health
Roundtable 25: Exploring repurposed products for rare diseases
Amer Omar

Amer Omar, Senior Director, Lupin

Roundtable 27: Modelling the value of digital health innovations
Trishal Boodhna

Trishal Boodhna, Senior Health Economist, Consulting at McCann Health

Roundtable 28: The Modeling Impact of Policy Decisions on Pricing
Alan Crowther

Alan Crowther, General Manager, EVERSANA

Roundtable 29: Reserved for Semalytix
Roundtable 31: Understanding Business Challenges of Shifting IV drugs to SC to Enable Self-delivery
Marie-Liesse Le Corfec

Marie-Liesse Le Corfec, Global Portfolio Marketing Head, Ps, B.D. Pharmaceuticals Systems

Roundtable 32: Innovative pricing of rare disease medicines – what is pharma’s model for the 2020s
Simon Shohet

Simon Shohet, Head Of International Market Access, Amicus Therapeutics

Roundtable 5: Exploring the evolution of the value framework to assess drugs in Italy
Americo Cicchetti

Americo Cicchetti, Director, Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore

Roundtable 6: Advanced Therapies: The role of registries in convincing payers about long-term effects
Alexander Natz

Alexander Natz, Secretary General, European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (Belgium)

Roundtable 7: Exploring Biosimilars in the USA and Europe – latest developments
Sue Naeyaert

Sue Naeyaert, Advisor, Idependent

Roundtable 8: Accelerating Access to treatments for Rare Diseases
Gina Ewy

Gina Ewy, Head Of Global Market Access, Hansa Biopharma

Roundtable 9: How to involve patients in drug research and market access?
Dorinda Silva

Dorinda Silva, Volunteer Patient Advocate, Portuguese Association for CDG and other Rare Metabolic Diseases

Roundtables 2: Achieving greater collaboration amongst payers, HTAs, pharma and patients to improve outcomes
Irina Odnoletkova

Irina Odnoletkova, Vice President Health Technology Assessment, Apogenix Gmbh

Roundtables 3: Exploring innovative payment and evidence development models for rare diseases
Simon Shohet

Simon Shohet, Head Of International Market Access, Amicus Therapeutics

Roundtables 4: How to improve the environment for value-added medicines in Europe
Catarina Lopes Pereira

Catarina Lopes Pereira, Global Market Access Manager, Medac


Networking Lunch


Sustainability & Legislation

Steinar Madsen

Achieving Sustainability in Biosimilars

Olga Diachenko

The long-term sustainability of Biosimilars

Michael Ermisch

A look at legislation for Biosimilars in Germany


Afternoon Refreshments

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