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"We believe that solving the world’s biggest problems represent the world’s biggest profit opportunities.  As such, Changing Tide Ventures is a new approach to doing well by doing good. 

What makes doing this so difficult for most entrepreneurs, companies and governments is that these problems typically are so big and complex it takes an ecosystem of entities who share a common set of values and priorities to implement and scale a meaningful difference. Changing Tide has been created to create and foster that ecosystem in a for profit model so as to best leverage the innovative problem-solving capabilities of the world’s best entrepreneurs together with the world’s best organizations.

Although we do support and invest in highly disruptive technologies and unique opportunities in their formative stages, our primary focus is to fill the gap and facilitate a bridge between global scale-up resources.  As such we primary want to focus on companies that are ready to massively scale.  This allows us to best fulfil our mission of positively impacting a billion people within 10 years. 

Companies can be swept away by the tides of change or ride them to new highs. To ensure our companies benefit from the changing tide of business we are building an ecosystem to support sustainable and complete life cycle development. Our ecosystem supports companies through:

• Contributing models of best practice and prepackaged solutions to strategic planning, corporate process and operational excellence;

• Directly investing both human and financial capital as well as facilitating access to the worlds largest and most impactful capital pools; and

• Bringing together a global network of shared resources to accelerate business scaling goals."


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