Tushar Singhvi | Director - CE Ventures
Crescent Enterprises | United Arab Emirates

Tushar Singhvi, Director - CE Ventures, Crescent Enterprises

Tushar Singhvi heads CE-Ventures, which is the corporate venture capital arm of Crescent Enterprises. In this role, Tushar is responsible for evaluating and executing new investment opportunities on behalf of Crescent Enterprises. He also manages the portfolio companies through strategy and corporate development. He has been instrumental in cultivating corporate prospects and in contributing to the development of Crescent Enterprises’ strategic and operational plans within the ports and logistics, business aviation, healthcare, and private equity verticals. Tushar has more than 15 years of global experience in investment management, corporate development, strategy development, and project management in sectors including power, logistics, oil and gas, healthcare, and infrastructure development. He has worked on a range of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, divestitures, and debt restructuring. Before joining Crescent Enterprises, Tushar worked with KPMG Corporate Finance in Dubai and, earlier, with an investment banking firm in London. Prior to that, he spent five years working in the power and infrastructure industries in Asia and Africa.


MEIS 2019 - day 1 @ 15:40

Panel Alphabet, Apple and Amazon: a digitalisation of the global economy

  • Investing in disruptive tech: long term play and sizeable returns
  • Regulating risks of changing business models
  • Proritising tech in diversified portfolios
  • Analysing the risks and opportunities offered by the tech giants, discussing pricing concerns and
  • Where does alpha exist in digitalised economy? How can institutional investors access it?
last published: 22/Apr/19 12:25 GMT

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