Randall Ussery | Vice President
Wildcat Venture Partners | United States

Randall Ussery, Vice President, Wildcat Venture Partners

Randall Ussery has been sitting at the intersection of design and business for the last 15 years. He has brought new products and companies to life, working from start-up to F1000, primarily in new market innovation. He is a VP at Wildcat Venture Partners and serves as a Board member, investor and active advisor to a portfolio of companies across industries. One of the highlight companies is a tech startup, ambi (www.ambi.school), a new EdTech platform company that is reimagining the learning experience for all students and teachers globally. Another is mFino (www.mfino.com), a disruptive FinTech company that is democratizing financial service innovation and currently scaling in Africa and the Middle East, Micro-Asia, and the US. When he is not building or investing in innovative companies in emerging markets, he is teaching Entrepreneurship at Babson College with a focus on scaling disruptive innovation. Randall received his MBA from Babson College, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. He received a BA in History from James Madison University.



MEIS 2019 - day 1 @ 15:20

Investing in global technology startups: finding the next unicorn

  • Unicorns are not imaginary, but they are rare.
  • Where can we find the next wave of unicorns?
  • How should we look at maximizing returns andcapital efficiency?
  • Is there less risk with the right formula and access?
last published: 22/Apr/19 12:25 GMT

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