Nabil Nazer | Chief Information Office
Al Sulaiman Group | Saudi Arabia

Nabil Nazer, Chief Information Office, Al Sulaiman Group


MEIS 2019 - day 1 @ 15:40

Panel Saudi Arabia: a diversified land of potential

  • Understanding regional nuances and emerging opportunities in Saudi Arabia
  • Generating upside returns in a new Saudi Arabia
  • Dissecting the risks, challenges and opportunities of a radical, evolving emerging market
  • Assessing the KSA contemporary economic landscape and space for foreign direct investment: infrastructure, tourism, technology

MEIS 2019 - day 2 @ 09:30

Family Office Panel Investing for a dominant generation: millennials and the Next Generation

  • Positioning millennials as a major driving force reshaping the investing landscape: defining characteristics for investors
  • Understanding millennial appetite, views and approaches to uncertainty in markets and collective responsibility
  • Meeting demands of millennials and capturing spending habits: what are the prioritised asset classes for the new generation? o energy efficiency and electrified vehicles o constant connectivity and technology o innovative technology, blockchain and ICOs o sustainable consumables
  • Driving new trends and ideas for digital, connected, influential global millennial forces: values of this generation becoming the norm
  • Evaluating how the investment landscape changing as a result?
last published: 22/Apr/19 12:25 GMT

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