Gert Dijkstra | Senior Managing Director
APG Asset Management | Netherlands

Gert Dijkstra, Senior Managing Director, APG Asset Management


MEIS 2019 - day 1 @ 09:00

Keynote: Trade talks and tail risks: tension and transition in mercurial markets

  • Navigating contagious trade tension and cross-border collaboration
  • Reacting to Brexit repercussions, Eurozone fragmentation and the Trump take over
  • Looking to investor strategies for disruptive global trade orders
  • Preparing for dissolved trade agreements. What does this mean for regional and international institutional investors?
  • Protecting portfolios, reviewing strategies and reacting to a worst case, ‘full trade war’ scenario
  • Framing expectations for 2020

MEIS 2019 - day 1 @ 14:40

Propelling returns: powering portfolios with green energy

  • Searching and accessing truly sustainable investment opportunities
  • Reviewing long term investment potential in renewables
  • Considering the future of renewable energy markets and becoming sustainably profitable
  • Discovering where the specific vehicles are for investing in wind, wave, solar and geothermal power
  • What are the long-term value propositions?
last published: 22/Apr/19 12:25 GMT

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