Eugene McQuaid | Chief Economist | Public Investment Fund Advisor
SAPL & Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu

Eugene McQuaid, Chief Economist | Public Investment Fund Advisor, SAPL & Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu

Eugene is a distinguished Chief Economist, Senior Macro-Fiscal Advisor, and Blockchain and Energy Economist. He is also a practicing Digital Asset Manager, Tokeneconomist, Econometrician and Statistician.

Eugene is currently a senior economic and strategic investment advisor with the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With 20 years of global experience engaged as senior economic engaged with the International Monetary Fund & World Bank, the Central Bank’s of Qatar, KSA, Singapore, Palestine, Israel, Ireland and Bangladesh, the ADB, OPEC, the IEA, UNDP, and the ERDF|ESF of the European Commission.

Eugene is also a practicing Econometrician and Senior Macro-Fiscal Advisor and expert in Financial Programming, Public Financial and Debt Management; Intertemporal Estimation Modeling and Combination Forecasting techniques whilst engaged and supporting regional initiatives with the International Monetary Fund FAD MESA global offices.

Currently his unique skillset is concentrated in advanced statistical programming & econometrics, crypto-economics, tokenomics and DSC, hyperledger sawtooth & besu, digital asset management, public financial, renewable GreenTech and sustainable investment initiatives.

A vanguard in the DeFi and Blockchain economic development space and steeped in Layer 2 technology, ZKP tokenomics, simple state RL QLearning & Byzantine Fault Intolerance predictive analytics and synthetic CBDC regulatory engagements. His blockchain development research extends to Eth2 and Polkadot shard chain public financial management (PFM) related initiatives.

In research - Eugene is currently showcasing his unique IP of 'A Special Drawing Right (SDR) Synthetic Central Bank Digital Currency (sCBDC) constructed on scalable Web3 and L2 Technology' 2021 ETH Global "Scaling Ethereum" Initiative.

Eugene's profile macro-fiscal, PFM and blockchain economics advisory assignments include the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the PBoC & AFCA China, European Commission & ADB, the NY DFS USA; and most recently as chief economist at principality Government agencies located in the KSA, UAE & Qatar.

To Conclude - Eugene codes his econometric, tokenomic and blockchain economic models in Python, DMAL, RStudio, Solidity, Stata, SQLServer and C++.

He is also a part time University lecturer practicing applied microeconomics, financial programming and statistical modelling.

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