Dr Ruchi Dana | Partner
Dana Family office

Dr Ruchi Dana, Partner, Dana Family office

Dr Ruchi Dana is a medical doctor and a Stanford MBA. Ruchi sits on multiple Corporate, startup, non-profits and University boards including Duluth Medical Technologies Inc, USA, NGO Aaroogya Foundation, NGO One Prosper, Canada, and the California State University, Chico, USA, Cybersecurity Advisory Board. Ruchi is responsible for strategic investments for Dana Group and is also a co-inventor of 2 US patents (provisional) on Robotic Surgery. Ruchi has also worked with Golden Seeds, an investment firm in New York and New Silk Route Growth Capital, she has focused on healthcare related investments at both these firms.

Ruchi has been recognized by Forbes ME as the “Next Gen Business Leader” 2017, 2018 and 2019 and Forbes Top Power Businesswomen 2020. Ruchi has also been recognized by Campden Wealth as the “Women to Watch” and as “Top 75 Family Business Leaders” 2019 by IPI, Campden Research (UK).


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