Anirudh Damani | Managing Partner
Artha Venture Fund | India

Anirudh Damani, Managing Partner, Artha Venture Fund

Anirudh Damani is the Managing Partner of an early stage Investment Fund, Artha Venture Fund, based in India. He is a 4th generation entrepreneur who has invested in over 57 startups, participating in 100+ funding rounds of companies like Oyo Rooms, Exotel, CoutLoot, Tala and NowFloats. He graduated with a Double Major in Business Administration & Economics from Austin College, Texas.


MEIS 2019 - day 1 @ 14:20

Panel Identifying best-in-class players: the unicorns evolving for future economies

  • Analysing the outperforming and emerging opportunities in the global VC landscape
  • Focusing on cultural and gender diversity: looking beyond western markets to developing countries
  • Identifying emerging tech asset classes: automation, self-driving cars, education, green energy
  • Using gathered data to make informed decisions and weigh up the risks and opportunities

MEIS 2019 - day 2 @ 15:00

Rise of thematic investing: generating alpha at scale

  • Adopting an innovative, top down thematic approach
  • Adapting to long term structural trends and medium-term cyclicality
  • Yielding the benefits of thematic-based investing
  • Identifying and prioritising invest-able themes
  • Analysing hotspots for capital deployment
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