Abhishek Sharma | Founder And Chief Executive Officer
Foundation Holdings

Abhishek Sharma, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Foundation Holdings

Abhishek Sharma
Founder Chief Executive Officer,
Foundation Holdings – UAE

“Today, the biggest wars to fight are against the lack of education, racial
discrimination, crumbling cities, enormous disparity of wealth and privilege, and
for our children. Foundation Holdings has embarked on a journey to develop
care and service delivery models which seek to strengthen human capital and
promote accessibility, affordability and quality.”

Founder CEO at Foundation Holdings:
Abhishek Sharma serves as the Founder Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of
Foundation Holdings, a strategic, global investment firm focused on building
sustainable, industry defining companies in the impactful healthcare and
education sectors across India and the GCC. Foundation Holdings employs a
long-term partnership and engagement approach to Environmental, Social and
Governance (ESG) measures to drive value and measurable impact over time.

In 4 years, Abhishek has raised USD 150 million to spearhead 10 acquisitions
creating seven industry-defining portfolio companies that are focused on positive social benefit impact locally and regionally. Together these portfolio companies have strengthened human capital by employing over 5,000 people and have touched the lives of 4.5 million people while generating over USD 200 million in revenue through enabling greater access to affordable, quality healthcare and education.

Abhishek has over 20 years of investment experience including as a Founder
member of Amanat Holdings PJSC (largest GCC healthcare and education
listed SPAC), Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, Ithmar Capital and Sun
Capital. He has an established track record of sustainable investment returns
having led the IPOs of Al Noor Hospitals and Amanat Holdings, garnering
subscriptions of USD 800mn and USD3.8bn respectively.

Awards and Accolades:
ü Abhishek was ranked as the 'Emerging Indian CEO in the UAE' at the 2017
UAE-India Economic Forum Awards and as the ‘Emerging Indian CEO for
Private Equity and Investments’ in 2018.
ü He was also on the Forbes Middle East 2018 list of the “Top 100 Indian
Business Owners in the Arab World” list.
ü Most recently, Abhishek was awarded the 2020 Economic Times Promising
Entrepreneurs of India.
ü Abhishek was instrumental in the formation of Right Health, the largest
customer focused primary healthcare platform in the UAE with over 60
healthcare facilities impacting over 1 million lives each year at the base of
the pyramid.

Board of Director Memberships:
Abhishek serves as a Board of Director of numerous companies across the GCC
and India including Foundation Holdings, Ryan EduNation, ProMedEx and Shifa
Al Munthaza Polyclinic Group. Abhishek is also a member of the Healthcare
Digital Task Force with Global Ventures (a UAE-based venture capital firm,
investing in founders and ideas scaling across emerging markets). Additionally,
Abhishek is also a key member of the Healthcare and Education Steering
Committee for the non-profit Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC).

Abhishek set up the Atharv Foundation in India after his son, the Foundation is
dedicated to providing education to children in need. He is also a donor and
volunteers with Dubai Cares and The Clinton Foundation.

University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, U.S.A.

Abhishek learnt two critical values from his mother: integrity and giving back to the community. These values are a big part of why he started Foundation Holdings and his approach to ESG initiatives. Abhishek aims to continue building sustainable, industry defining companies which advance the interests of all stakeholders within the healthcare and education ecosystems with excellence, integrity and social impact. Outside of work, Abhishek’s passions are learning about innovative models in early childhood education and reading biographies.


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